Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's time again, for me to share with you Ellie Kay's well-researched suggestions for saving in the month of July. If you're new to this Saturday post of mine, I try to do this segment once a month, usually using suggestions, tips, and proven methods from America's Family Financial Expert, Ellie Kay. She helps America shop smart and save in numerous ways. You can visit her at There is a wealth of information there.

I don't get any recognition or rewards for suggesting Ellie and her tips. In fact, I'm sure she doesn't even know I exist. I've just bought her books and used her methods over the years, and I know they work. If it works, I want to share it, especially if it will help us be better stewards of our resources.

So what exactly, are the things that you can save money on this month? Ellie says:

Craft supplies
Ground Beef
Hot Dogs
Summer Clothing (clearance)
Used Cars

Even with our "funny" economy, you should still be able to find pretty good deals on these items. I wish I could add gas/fuel to the list above, know how that is. In fact, you can't afford to drive out too far looking for deals on the items mentioned or you won't end up saving at all, unless it's a REALLY BIG or good DEAL (like on one of the major purchases) and well worth the drive. You do the math before you set out. Your local stores ought to carry a good deal though, on most items, without you driving too far out of the way and losing money in the way of fuel.

I went to our country's largest discount superstore today (I can't hardly stand to say the name because I am NOT a big fan of the store for many reasons--I, unfortunately, just can't afford to do major shopping anywhere else--yeah, they count on that too!), and it's true, there are sales on craft supplies and summer clothing. I found really good deals on tank tops, short-sleeved tops, leggings, and shorts for my girls today. I'm sure if you checked out your major craft stores, they'd have sales on too. I should look in Michael's or Hobby Lobby to see what crafts, supplies, and ideas I can find for my homeschool this fall. This would be a good time to stock up on that stuff.

This time, I won't make up a neat story using the items on the list, since I've talked (typed) so much already. Maybe I'll resume doing it next time. I pray and hope you find reasons to be a better steward of God's time and money. That's always my encouragement on these particular posts. He'll be pleased and you will be too.


Thany said...

Hi! Thanks for the visit!

I love that you remind us/your readers how we are to be good stewards of what we have been given. My hubby and I have been remiss in that lately but are working to get back on track so I enjoy reading money saving tips!!

Peculiar said...

Thanks for visiting me too Thany. I checked out your photography website. You do really well!! I hope that we can all begin or continue being better stewards of all of our resources.

Blee said...

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