Saturday, July 26, 2008



I found a really neat post at Ellie Kay's blog site that I thought you'd be interested in. Most of you know who Ellie Kay is, but for the ones who may not, she is a savings and financial stewardship expert that I have come to really respect. She is a wife, mom, and speaker. She and her husband have 5 children and she has learned to live on just her husband's income so that she could come back to the home. While this may not be for everyone, or may not be your season to do the same, Ellie will show you how to do it, if it ever comes up in your life, and she does it successfully.

I shouldn't leave out the fact that this (the above) is not all she speaks about. She talks to the average person about shopping wisely, saving, tithing, coupon-clipping, spending, etc. If you want to be a wise or wiser steward, check her out.

Anyway, I'd like to leave this link so that you can check out a post about how to be able to financially and successfully send your children to college. Hers is a personal account about how they're doing it with their children. It's worth reading and investigating (and discussing with your children) some of the helpful information she has there.

Click here.

It's the first post you'll get to, but there are some many more awesome things on her blog and website.


Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've not heard of Ellie Kay and I see I've been missing out! The link you posted didn't work, but I googled and found her blog at I've bookmarked it and will definitely be checking it out.

Thanks again:)

Peculiar said...

Andrea, you'll love Ellie. She is great. Glad you found the right link. Sorry. Glad you stopped by to read my post on her.