Saturday, July 19, 2008


That cute little busy Robin over at has been bitten by the creativity bug again and she has created something cool and special--A Blog Hop! Because some could not attend the BlogHer Convention (?) in San Francisco (I haven't been blogging long enough to know how exciting the convention was supposed to be), she decided to party back home, so let's get together, why don't we, and party with recipes, meet-n-greets, and the like. Wanna know more about the purpose of this blog? Click on My Blog's Welcome Letter in labels. Wanna know some things (all true, but some peculiar) about me, click on Photos in labels. There you will see me, places I've been, my boys when they were little and more, but, you'll also get to see a list at the bottom of 10 things about me. That's where you'll see a picture of me at 18 (I'm far from that now) in my "back then, I thought I was pretty in mint green prom dress" picture. Oooh my, how times have changed, THANK GOD!! If you click on the "Miscellany" label, you'll see some interesting posts (I think there's a picture of hubby and I there too), AND you'll see how really raw (or green) and new to blogging I really was then. The post layouts and errors are terrible, but the content is probably interesting.
Anyhooty, I wanna leave you with this recipe. It's so easy to do and great for parties.
It's Neufchatel Cheese Dip
  • You just get 1 8oz pkg. of Neufchatel Cheese (It looks just like Philly Cream Cheese in the grey box)
  • Cut it in chunks into a sauce pan on med. to med. low heat (so it won't scorch)
  • Add one can of Ro-tel tomatoes and green chilies (you can get mild, med. or hot. I like hot.)
  • Melt and mix all ingredients together until cheese and Ro-tel are smooth.
  • Pour into a dipping bowl and use Tortilla chips

Variations on the above are to use Philly Cream cheese, of course.
You can add baby shrimp and chopped, green bell peppers to the mix
You can do half Neufchatel and half Velveeta
You can add finely chopped ground beef
I've had these and a couple of other variations to this dip and all of my family loves it! It's almost a contest on how experimental we can be to come up with a new variation when we get together back home.
Now get yourselves over to Robin's place to Blog Hop with other Hoppers and get to know some new folks!!


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

That dip sounds delicious -- I mean, what wouldn't turn out well with both neufchatel and velveeta?

Oh, and I still have problems with my layout and photos. Maybe someday . . .

ellen b. said...

I've got the chips you bring that dip! Now! :0)
Thanks for stopping by my party!!

We are THAT Family said...

Yummy dip!

Hope your party has been a blast!

Amy said...

That dip sounds great! :) Happy Blog Hopping!

tabitha said...

Wonderful recipe! I am so hungry!

Karen {simply a musing blog} said...

The Bible verse you have in your prfile is one of my favorites - "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light." I finally memorized it last year with my husband. :)

Thanks for stopping by my place on the BlogHop route...hope you visit again! ;)

zchamu said...

Ohh, that dip sounds amazing. Nice to meet you!!

Peculiar said...

Thanks for stopping by all! I enjoyed reading your posts as well and getting to know you. We'll have to do this again some time. Have a great weekend

Kimberly said...

That recipe is de-lish, I can attest to that. Haven't had any dip in a while, glad I stopped by. Nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Nice to meet you. Please stop by sometime.

franticallysimple said...

You are rockin' that prom dress girl!
And "Goat Rancher Magazine"? Wow! :)
Thanks for stopping by my place. Nice to meet you.

Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! If I was in Tennessee, I'd probably pronounce it "paiystah" but alas, I'm a Midwesterner in the URBAN inner city... so I have to say it gangsta!

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the great suggestions on saving $ on groceries. I am beginning a frugal journey and happy for any and all suggestions.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Hi, I'm so glad you stopped by! This party has been so much fun. I just clicked on your "photos" link and your family is beautiful! And the prom dress picture is awesome. :)

I'll be back to visit!