Friday, July 25, 2008


Join us in a round of Friday's 40? Click here for complete details, but basically you have 40 words (or less) to respond to the weekly image--a caption or title, poem, word association, abstract, concrete--however it hits you. Write a post, then be sure to come back here on Friday morning to link your permalink, and after, visit the other participants to see their varied perspectives on the same image.

I'm always up for the challenge. Well, this one was a challenge for me. What can you say about it besides the fact that it looks absolutely refreshing!! It made me go pull out my pink water bottle (just a different shape than this one), and take a long, cool, sip. I needed that!!

So many cc's of summer chill

Bottled up inside me!

I'm skating on thin ice.

I'm walking the chalk line.

Be cool! Be cool!

It's all good.

I'm just waiting on someone who is deep enough to move me.

Okay, whew!! DONE!! Have fun! I sure did! Go to for more.


Robin said...

Interesting--you took both a literal look and a figurative one at the same image at the same time. It IS all good :). Rachel would love it!


Peculiar said...

Thanks for commenting Robin. Do share it with Rachel. This was so much fun!

Carmi said...

I can feel the coolness of the condensation on the surface of the bottle. Leave it to Robin to evoke such evocative creativity from her visitors. She's inspirational that way.

I followed your link home from her site. So glad I did: you share her view of the world. I look forward to reading more.