Monday, July 28, 2008


Is this award not beautiful!! Talk about humbling!! Tracy, a precious blogger at Seed Thoughts (http:// thought enough of this new, amateur blogger and her posts to award me the Art Y Pico Award. What is this award and what does it mean? I'll let Tracy's words explain it to you. They'll do a better job than I would. Here's Tracy:
"It is the Art Y Pico award and it is given to those who inspire others with their creative energy and talents in writing, artwork, design or contributions to the blogging community. It originated here. What does the expression mean? Well, apparently it doesn’t exactly translate to English, but it loosely translates to, “Wow. The Best Art. Over the top.” (This was taken from the Art Y Pico blog.)"
I tell you, I'm just blogging at the encouragement of a friend I met at church, who is getting to be well-known in the blogging community I might add. She knew I loved poetry, and she shared the same love, and she thought I might have, well...something to say. I like writing and always have so I thought I'd look into it (which I did for a long time before deciding to jump in) and give it a shot. I really prayed about doing it though, because I didn't want blogging to take over my life like I knew it could, I didn't want to become addicted and neglect family or other priorities because of it, and I wanted God to be pleased with me doing it. Once I got all this down, things started to flow. God has given me a good handle on it (most of the time, and when I surrender my time and schedule to Him), and I think God is pleased with the content. I never even thought about real and regular readers! In my mind, this would just be a writing outlet and a hobby.
People really do read my posts, I soon found out. I'm still shocked by this! Then, I became a little more conscious of what I wrote, and thought well, if people are reading it, even if it's not that often, I'd better say something that they can use or be edified by, be pleased with, or at least get them thinking and/or praying about. I hope and pray that I'm doing that.
Tracy must think so, and folks, I am so honored and blessed by her heart and decision to name me one of the recipients of this award.
If you would like to investigate the origin of this award, go to
I will be looking at some of my favorite blogs and praying about whom I can share this same award with. It will be so hard, because there are so many great blogs I've come across.
Well, thanks again Tracy. You've made my day and my week. May God get all the credit for our gifts and talents. Without Him, we wouldn't be able to receive an award nor bless someone else with one.
Blessings to you all.


Melanie said...

Congrats! I'm relatively new to blogging, too. I'm so glad you have found it to be as much of a blessing as I have in my short blogging experience.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first blog award! How exciting!!!
And... Thanks for putting up my button! I'll link ya on my MS Blog Roll right now!
In HIm,