Monday, July 28, 2008




Quarterly, will host Bloggy Giveaways so that we can get to know each other better and have a chance to win some of the neatest stuff. I've only won some things once out of the two times I've participated, but it was such a neat experience. I read the blogs of some really nice and talented people out there, and I won a subscription to a magazine (never got it although I communicated properly with the person giving it), Luna Pads hankies (got that and love them! They came as a result of entering a contest that had giving to the needy as its goal.), and a patchwork pillow (never got this either, but we communicated back and forth a couple of times to ensure we had the right info., etc.).
Although I didn't receive all of my prizes, don't let my experience give this exciting event a bad rap. Most participants make good on their promises. And realistically, in defense of the people who didn't send out my prizes, people just simply forget or life just kind of takes over and...well, you understand, so I'm not bothered. It was so much fun regardless. With that, I encourage you to PLAY!!
First off, Robin, over at is hosting her own bloggy giveaway week with lots of prizes. Go there now to check her out. Look for the pink, white, and yellow BG icon, like the one above, and read on. She is giving away one prize a day, so you'll want to check back with her daily. Put her in your favorites or a reader so that you won't forget. She's looking for new readers and a reason to give something away! She likes doing that! There is always something interesting to read at Robin's place, and something to look at too, as she is a blooming or budding photographer.
After this, go to and see who else is there and what they're giving away. You're sure to find some interesting reads and some fun prizes. I wouldn't miss Bloggy Giveaways for anything now that I've gotten in on it a couple of times. I've happened upon some interesting reads that are now in my favorites, and this is really the neatest part of it for me.
So, what are you waiting for. It's a blog party, AND YOU'RE INVITED!!

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