Wednesday, April 30, 2008


There was a repeated theme that I heard in my women's group today at church, that I thought worth sharing with you guys. Funny thing is, it's something that had come across my mind while I was driving to the class. Wonder if God wanted it to resonate in my spirit then huh?:) It was on the matter of transparency, being open and honest about our mistakes, not to draw sympathy, but to (1) admit before God or agree with God that we are sinful or that we have sinned against Him and possibly someone else, (2)help someone else who has been going through the same thing or is going through the same thing have someone real that they can identify with, and (3) help others come out of shame, self-disgust, blame, etc. and let their walls down so that they can begin to heal. Is this not an important thing to do for all of us?
We need to be as transparent as glass. Of course, we always need to pray about what to say and when to say it, but once it becomes obvious that the time and place is appropriate and safe, we need to BE TRANSPARENT. It is necessary, crucial, freeing (for both parties), detoxifying, a growth opportunity, healing, the list can go on and on. God uses transparency and so it cannot be a bad thing. We must pray to God so that He can reveal its value.
Worrying about whether being transparent will have someone look at you in a negative light is a trick or device of the enemy. If you're in the right company, and God has prompted you to speak and be transparent, He WILL USE IT for your benefit and the listener's and He won't miss the mark. If there is someone there who would use your words against you later, there are many more there that will benefit, and you can't worry about what someone might say. Have you obeyed God in the face of the enemy is the question. God won't allow that person to damage your character/reputation/testimony permanently. You belong to Him. He loves, shields, and protects what's His. You can count on it, no matter what it looks like right then. You will also probably find that everyone else who took your transparency the right way will come to your defense and rescue if someone does try and use your words to hurt or damage you. You need not worry. Pray for them and give the situation to God.
I have always considered myself to be somewhat transparent, but I realize the longer I walk with Christ, I could have been more so at one time or another, again when it was appropriate and would have helped someone. We tend to want to keep some things to ourselves, thinking "How can this help anyone?" or "Now, this is just too bad to tell." All of your experiences aren't horrifying, but even if they are, most, if not all, at some point or another, as you grow and walk with the Lord and love on other people, are or can be helpful.
Let's pray to God for the ability to be transparent. Ultimately, you won't regret it. The listener who greatly benefits certainly won't regret it either. They will be so much better for it. Nothing is wasted; none of your experiences...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. God is the only one that can turn our bad into good. Praise His Holy, Sovereign, Gracious, Tenderhearted Name!!! I'm glad He is using my experiences and I pray that someone is drawn nearer to Him because of them.
One more thing. You ultimately brag on your Big God when people can see where He has brought you from or out of. It tells them instantly that He can and will do the same for them. Again, Praise His Holy name!
Be wise this Wednesday. Be transparent!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Why tea limericks of course--Poetry about the cuppa. You all know me; love poetry, love tea. I had to do something with two of my favorites together. Yesterday I was pondering over what to post today and surfing the internet on a different subject altogether, and came across a web site ( that I wanted to look into more. Well, one of the pages on the site really tickled my fancy and was right up my alley! It inspired me to blend my favorites. Because I always want to share, I'm passing what I found along to you and hope that you enjoy them as much as I did. Then, at the end, I'm going to try my own tea limerick or two (or 3). I want you to join in and leave one in comments at the end of this post. Pay attention to limerick rhythms. They're easy to write. The pattern is an AABBA pattern, meaning all you have to do is make your first two lines rhyme, your next two lines rhyme (but different than the first two), and then make your last line rhyme with the first two. Limericks are supposed to be silly and funny, so, IOW, you're supposed to have fun with them. Let's see what we've got in store...
There once was a lad from Kilarney
Who suddenly lost all his blarney
But Gunpowder Green tea
For breakfast, then he
Soon swooned all the babes who weren't barmy.
Lu'an melon seed tea is a treat
for afternoon tea. Take a seat!
Have biscuits and jam
Or cream cheese and ham
What a wonderful reason to meet!
(This one from Jeannette @ Here Be Limerick Poems)
The Chinese believe in green tea.
It's a race I respect patently.
So developing taste
For infusions this chaste
Is exactly where I want to be.
(Last one)
A mountain-grown Spring tea for me
Exquisite to taste, as you'll see.
Darjeeling is best;
First flush is the quest
As far from hum-drum as can be.
Okay and speaking of drums, do a drum roll for me, because here are mine:
I just love tea, mostly green.
I have it when I arrive on scene.
I can tolerate black,
But I'd rather give it back
In exchange for the taste of light, crisp, clean.
I introed my girls to Darjeeling,
Assam, and the like; what a feeling!
They have a cup everyday.
What can I say?!
Our tea bill will be through the ceiling!
And my last, people (I know you want more, but I must end it somewhere:)
The Japanese give us Sencha Fukamushi
(Hey, I could probably drink that with sushi!)
Though I too love Oolong,
(With it, you can't go wrong)
I can't get past how SF does do me!
(I know, all you English fanatics, the last line of the above poem is not grammatically correct. It's a limerick; it doesn't have to be. Fun reigns, remember!)
Go ahead; don't be scared; make my day--sip a cup and hear the poetry rhythm in your head, then...WRITE!

Monday, April 28, 2008

MOMMY (or Mentor/Caregiver) MONDAYS (#12)

1. Do you assume that if a kid goes "astray" that it's the parents' fault?
2. Do you assume that if a kid steals, either his parents taught him how or allowed it, or thought that stealing was no big deal? Is it a reflection of poor parenting?
3. Do you assume that bad things only happen to other people's children? "There is no way that would be my kid!" or "That wouldn't happen to us."
4. Do you think that there is hope for a kid whose only example while growing up has been a rough or extremely violent or dysfunctional life or lifestyle?
5. Is the outcome of a dysfunctional adult because of the home environment he/she was raised in as a child or their own personal mental state, or society around them? Could it be all three or something totally different?
6. If you raise a child in a Christian home, should they be guaranteed to come out "right," and if not, were the parents lacking in their own Christianity?
7. Is it wise to let a child choose their own belief system, God, and way of worship?
8. Should you ever make your kids go to church?
9. Should you give a child who is "academically lazy" the choice as to whether they want to be educated or not? Should you let them do what they want to do? Can you make them do what you want them to do if they just shut down and decide against?
10.Should you treat an 18 year old like an adult? (Remember, you were 18 once:))
Let's ponder these questions. Let me know how you think and why you think the way you do. You guys know I like to ask the "thinking questions," the ones that we encounter in life everyday, the ones that sometimes people will ask, but mostly, people won't.
Love on your babies today, and pray for them in season and out. Lord knows, they need it, and we need the prayer practice and time with God:)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


You want to know how I've been humored this Sunday? Well, I'll tell you anyway. This weekend, in the blogosphere, there was an event called the Bloggy Giveaways. This is where literally hundreds of people post on their blogs something that they want to give away...FOR FREE!! How nice! How many things in this world are free? The only thing you had to do was go to their blogs, see what they were giving away, and comment on their blogs if you liked or were interested in what they had for a giveaway. I can't tell you how many I checked out, but I was on my computer longer than I've ever been since I've owned a computer. I never spend that much time on a computer.

Anyway, if you win something, the host blog would email you to let you know. Well, here is how I was humored today. I WON SOMETHING, and I wasn't really supposed to. What do I mean? Well, I went on and Jen Campbell, the blog owner, was doing a Goods 4 Girls Giveaway, that is, Jen decided that instead of giving away something, she would ask people to post or comment who were interested in making sure someone else in "need" got something. She is making sure that underprivileged girls in Africa have access to sanitary napkins. They are called Lunapads. Anyone that commented on her post would have, courtesy and at the expense of Ms. Campbell, Lunapads sent to Africa in their honor. How neat is that!! So I did win in a way, and so did some girl in Africa that I don't even know. Well, to make this even better, Jen decided that since I was expecting nothing at all, she would give me something anyway-3 organic handkerchiefs from Lunapads. Well, needless to say, I was thrilled, I really got something for...well something, because it sure wasn't for nothing!! I got the knowledge and happiness that somebody I don't even know got something that they needed, and I got something else just for caring about that. Praise the Lord!! How precious. Well thank you Ms. Campbell.

Humor Me Sundays is usually about something we can laugh and smile about, a joke, something we've heard that makes us smile, etc. Well, I was really humored today because this did make me smile! I can't wait to see my handkerchiefs!!

Have a blessed Sunday!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


My precious readers, you want to know what kind of fun I had this Friday and what kind of fun you can have on some Fridays? Bloggy Giveaways and finding blogs that either you can relate to or that you just enjoy looking at because the pictures are so cool!! I don't get to do this often, nor do I want to (have other priorities), but there are so many interesting, talented, gifted, knowledgeable people out there in the blogosphere! Because I visited so many today for the giveaways, I got to come across some of the most wonderful blogs that I would love to go back and visit. One day, I will create a blogroll for my blog page, and share some of my blog finds with you. Then, you can enjoy them too. I know you would.

One of the interesting ones I found, that I will surely go back to and read more on, is This weekend, they were giving away an exciting book that I would love to have...FOR FREE...and I hope I win it! Before now, the only site I've gone on concerning winning something is It's because I know Robin and this is all safe, etc. Plus, I wasn't really into trying to get freebies from people for the most part. I didn't really care and this wasn't my thing, although receiving something nice from someone was nice. Well, while that's still pretty much my character and way, I have really enjoyed looking at the things offered during this "bloggy giveaway weekend." It was really FUN!! Next time, maybe I'll be better prepared and invite you to join in and see what all of the fun is about. I really think my readers will like and appreciate it...I think! Well, at least go to the two websites I mentioned above. You will enjoy these, one especially if you're a tea lover like me, and the other for the sheer "conversation" and some beautiful pictures to boot. I pray you had fun with your family or...with yourself in whatever you enjoy this Friday!! I sure did!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My wonderful readers, I have found a great blog that has a wonderful theme that I will now be a part of, called Marriage Monday. Talks on this theme run once a month at I will still continue my Mommy Mondays posts/theme the rest of the month, but because this subject is so important to me, I'd like to take one day a month to participate. Head over to this blog to get more details, or you can click on the Marriage Monday button here on my blog. Scroll down and look on the left side of the page for the button with the yellow and green rope tied in a knot. Monday, May 5th, will be the next gathering for the next topic--"The Crazy Way We Met." You get to comment about how you and your spouse met. Again, more details are at the blog site. You can also read archived articles and posts on the Marriage Monday theme. They are excellent! This blogger really has something worthy, useful, helpful, wonderful, etc. to say!!! Her posts are timely, timeless, and much appreciated!! I want to invite you to start joining in on Marriage Mondays also. You will see future themes for upcoming gatherings and the dates for them when you click on the button, as they are posted. If you really love and appreciate this theme and the topics and comments as much as I have (just recently), consider joining the Marriage Monday blogroll on the Chrysalis blog site and adding the MM button to your blog page if you have one. If not, just check in whenever you have time when you're online, and join in. We'd love to have you!!


I would like to hear from you again. I always try and leave what words of wisdom I feel like I can share with others, and I try to hear from God before I leave them, not wanting you to hear from me, but what He has put on my heart (Look back at other Wednesday Wisdom posts on the blog.). There is no telling what you might get if you hear directly from me:)! Anyway, I'd like to hear your words of wisdom. Share them with me and other readers; what God has spoken to you; a wise lesson, something you've learned this week or in your lifetime that are true words of wisdom. The Bible speaks highly of obtaining wisdom, but it also says more than that, we should get understanding. What is wisdom without understanding? Well let's hear your words of wisdom and pray that God helps us understand what it is He is trying to speak directly and specifically to us with those words. I can't wait to learn from you, my readers, and broaden my understanding that I might do more for Him and because of Him.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I wanted to share with you some excerpts from an article I read at a while back. I thought it was interesting, so I printed it and kept it in my "tea file" to refer back to when I'm educating people about the benefits of tea. Maybe, eventually in America, we'll do some serious studies with lots of backing and proof, and come up with some useful information we can give our citizens, touting the benefits of our beloved tea.
The article says:
It's official: Tea is much more than a refreshing, great-tasting beverage. (punctuation mine)
Health Canada's Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) has deemed tea to be a natural health product and has officially recognized tea for its role in maintaining good health.
After a period of extensive review, the NHPD has approved three health claims for tea. All types of tea infusions (black, green, and oolong) are recognized as a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. Tea is approved for increasing alertness. Tea is further accredited as helping to maintain and/or support cardiovascular health. (Wow! what a claim!)
Green tea is approved as a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. It is also approved for use as an adjunct treatment in a weight management program in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise. (People, did you hear that?!)
Louise Roberge, President of the Tea Association of Canada says, "The approved health claims will help educate consumers about the health benefits of drinking tea."
The NHPD's ruling will enable tea manufacturers to include the approved health claims on product packaging and will set stage for allowing the use of the accepted health claims in marketing tea.
Roberge says, "...Canadian consumers will know that tea is officially a healthy beverage of choice."
The scientific evidence about the numerous health benefits of tea has been mounting for nearly two decades. Hundreds of research studies have found many potential health attributes associated with tea including protection from cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Part of the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada, the NHPD is the regulating authority for natural health products sold in Canada. It ensures that Canadians have ready access to natural health products that are safe, effective, and of high quality (that's what I'm talking about!! We need one of these agencies in America to do the exact same thing)
The Tea Association of Canada is a not-for-profit association of leading companies and producing countries, including Sri Lanka, India, and Kenya, which is dedicated to increasing awareness of quality tea and its health benefits to Canadians. The Tea Association acts as an impartial source for information about tea. If you want to know more about tea trends, history, and production, please visit the Tea Association of Canada's website at (How cool is this!)
Come on people, let's sing to the tune of tea! It doesn't just taste great. Americans, get on board. It's not just a trend, which I don't jump on board with anyway, it has been around since forever, its benefits have been known to many other older civilizations way before now, and we finally have some hard evidence that this natural, great tasting product really does work for us in so many ways. Why not discover it for yourself if you haven't already?! When you see how it can help you, share with someone else. Start spreading the news...
One of these days, hopefully soon, we just might see an article in America saying the same things and approving the same things that the Canadians and many other countries already know and have approved for the public already.
A great way to start having your "tea moments" and discovering the wonderful world of tea is to try some. You just might get your chance, free--on me, pretty soon. Enter the drawing I'm having this month to win a box or bag of America's only domestic tea source (the tea from the tea plantation in Charleston SC), Charleston SC tea. Get on board, enter to win, and then tell me later (if you win) about what you thought about this particular tea. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post. Have a great day tea-day! (I already know, you don't have to tell me, but I said it anyway!)

Monday, April 21, 2008


The answer to this week's poll, "which country consumes the most tea annually?" is India. Can you believe it? Only one person thought of this one. Most of you thought that China consumed the most, and I think there was one for Japan. I can see why you thought this. You hear the most about Japanese and Chinese tea and tea drinking, but there are many regions in India that grow tea and practically the whole population consumes it several times a day. There are probably some there who don't get their 6-8 glasses of water a day and prefer to drink tea instead, with water coming in second instead of first. Look at the bottom of the blog page for the new poll for this week. Answer coming next week. Tune in. BTW, sorry no post for Mommy Mondays today. Mommy was being a Mommy and was too busy to post. See you for To the Tune of Tea Tuesday (tomorrow) hopefully.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sorry I'm late with the list of things you can save on this month. Here I am giving you the list mid-month, and you've probably done a lot of your shopping and saving for the month already!! Well, if you're like me, and you haven't done all of your shopping and saving yet for the month, maybe you'll get some use out of this list. For the rest of you, this is good for that last minute thing or maybe next year. What things can you save on in the month of April? It's a good time to buy:

Easter clothes and accessories (haven't you seen this stuff everywhere?!!)
Electronics (time to get that new, expensive TV with HD that you're going to be forced to get whether you're satisfied with your "regular, working-perfectly-fine" existing TV or not, or, like us, get the converter box--wonder if April is a good month to save on that too--oh yeah, you can go online and get a coupon for the box--well, isn't that a wonderful courtesy to extend to ones you're forcing to do what they didn't choose for themselves and their family in the first place?--oh I keep forgetting, it's just a matter of keeping up with changing technology; it's for our own good; it's what you must do unless you plan on dieing any time soon. What was I thinking?!)
A kitchen stove
Paint (start thinking about refreshing those rooms guys!)
Wallpaper (oh well, skip the paint and go for the wallpaper!)

And these my dears, are all of the wonderful things you could have or can still save on this month! Have a really good shopping and savings day today. Come home, look over your purchases, and feel good about your careful, prayerful choices and what you did with God's money today!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Did you ever think that since you're not some famous old person or you're not dead:), you don't have anything to say, or at least anything profound that people want to hear? Well, maybe you really don't:) (kidding!), but...maybe you do! I think there is a famous quote or profound finding or statement inside of everyone, if you dig for it. Some may not have to dig too deep; they may be gifted that way. I'm not, but I like thinking, and I like hearing from the Holy Spirit and people that have thought carefully about their words, and when they utter them, it's profound, or needful, or interesting, or something like that. I'd like to hear from you. Let's make you "famous" right now. Why wait until you're dead? Let's celebrate your thoughts today!! You DO have something to say! Give me a thought of yours, that in the future, could be compared to some of the greatest quotes made by those who've passed away. Even if no one ever sees it but us (my readers...all 3 of them:) kidding's 4!), you'll be celebrated and appreciated (and maybe even quoted!) TODAY!! As usual, I'll start us off. You leave me a comment and give me your best, your own, personal quote...GIVE ME YOU!

"Think about trials. Can God trust you with one?"

"If you can tell how a man will treat his wife by the way he treated his mother, you can tell how a woman will choose a man by the way her father treated her."

"Train up a dog in the way he should 'go,' and when he poops, he will depart from it."

"What your grandparents pour into you, you should pour out on paper; let the ink spill across the pages, then you use it to pour into the next generations, to pour across the ages."

"To raise a child, you really don't have to make more than a one-time investment. You make the decision once to invest in them for the rest of their lives."

"There will always be many ways to get from point A to point B, but there will never be more than one way to get There from here."

"Rather than trying to figure out how to get along with others, how to come across, how to help, etc., just love them and everything else just falls into place, every time."

"Love is eternally fail-safe and fool-proof."

"Whoever said that 'sugar and spice and everything nice' is what girls are made of must not have known mine, but they sure know their cup of chai!"

"If you could see the average mind at work, it would be waiting on something bad, hoping for something good, and doing the limbo in between."

"Babies remind us of many things: When we're young-why we're having them, when we're older-why we don't need anymore of our own, and when we're elderly-why we've lost our minds because of them."

"It's a sin to trash a great mind. Just know when it needs to go into the recycle bin."

"Some people don't need to write 1 quote or 12, because they really DON'T have anything to say:)"

Have yourself a thoughtfully "quotatious" Thursday!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Across the globe, the most common beverage after water, has many many names. It is fascinating to me to see, hear, and learn about these different names from different regions. Some of them sound similar to the name for tea of other regions not so close to them, and some of them are completely different. I love the diversity, enough to share with you. You may not ever use these other words for tea, then again, you might (at least impress your friends with them--okay, I sense the eye roll and the, "Oh please!"). Regardless, I think you'll think it's a little interesting. You'll also recognize them when you see them if you see them in magazines, on T.V., on packaging, or when you go outside the U.S. Let's go and find out what in the world people are calling our favorite liquid refresher.
Te (Malayan Derivations)
TEA-American English
TAY-European English or certain British dialects
T'E-Chinese (Amoy dialect)
CH'A-Chinese (Mandarin dialect-also origin of tea terms found in other languages)
(Every language's word for tea has its origin in either of the Chinese words above)
TE-Danish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish
TEE-Finish, German, Korean
TEH-Indonesian, Malay
THEA-Generic, Latin, Scientific
Ch'a (Cantonese Derivations)
CHA-Hindu, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese
CAJ (CHAY)-Czech, Turkish
JA (DZA)-Tibetan
TSA-Annamese, Vietnamese
TSAI-Modern Greek
Got lots of my information from among other sources.
Don't forget--for this months's tea drawing, we're giving away a genuine bag (or box) of Charleston, SC Tea Plantation tea. Can't wait. We'll be sipping and sampling it together, as I've never tasted this one before either. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post (if you haven't already), letting me know you want to be entered.
Now go and have yourself a cup of whichever of those words above you want to use.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Answer to last poll question

Jacob was the most popular boy's name in 2006. That surprised me when I found the information. I don't think anyone picked that name as their answer either. So...there you go. There is a new poll starting today, if you're interested. It is at the bottom of the blog page. The correct answer will be posted next week. Go play along.

MOMMY (Caregivers/Mentors) MONDAYS (#10)

I've been thrown some really thought-provoking questions lately about what we would do as parents or mentors if...
Why I've been getting lots of these questions lately, I don't know. They weren't necessarily directed at me or my family members or children, but they were posed because they were about the speaker's children or family members, or people they knew, or just posed because they were really curious about what their response would be if some of these things ever happened to them. I thought about them all this morning and wanted to know, "Yeah, what IF these things happened to you (my readers)?" "What would you do if...?" "What would your response be if...?" I want you to think about it. You don't have to send me a comment about your answer or response. This was mainly just to get you thinking, searching your heart, listening to who you are, trying to figure out why you think the way you do. If you comment, tell me how these questions made you feel and think, not your sure response to them.
  • What would you do and/or say if your son or daughter came home and told you that they were gay?
  • What would you say to your child if you and they had dreams of them going to college and they suddenly changed their minds and didn't want to go at all?
  • What if they told you they didn't believe in Jesus, but somebody or something else?
  • What if they told you that they were atheist?
  • What would you say if your child or mentoree wanted to get tattoos all over their bodies and/or piercings (and you didn't like them personally)? What about just one tattoo?
  • What would you say to your child who insists on looking like the world (or Hollywood), no matter what you buy them and what you say?
  • What if your child admitted to being bulimic or you found out that they were anorexic? Would you blame yourself?
  • What if your daughter told you that she had an abortion without you knowing it?
  • What if your teenage or adult son told you that he had fathered a child you didn't know about?
  • What if your child told you they had been having sex for a while and you didn't know it?
  • How would you handle your child wanting to leave home too soon, before the age of 18?
  • What would you do if you caught your underaged child smoking?
  • What if you found out that your child had an addiction to pornography?
  • What if you found out that your child was the perpetrator of a hanous crime and you never knew until the news broke months or even years later?

Now I just realized as I was typing that almost all, but not all of these questions has been posed to me at one time or another. The rest I just sat here and thought about adding. I've always thought I would like to respond to these questions with perfect, Christian answers, and that is possible, but you couldn't do it alone. I have the perfect answer and the whole scenario and drama played out in my head on how it would go should I ever get into one of these situations personally. It seems to me realistically, we'd better be doing some preparation work in prayer now. We live in a fallen world, and again realistically, any of these things can happen to us, so the question still remains, "What would you say or do if...?"

Have a contemplative and prayerful Monday!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Robin over at gave an opportunity for us to express ourselves with poetry once more, to write a Haiku or two, about Spring. I was excited about this as usual, so I did one or two, well, a few. Check out my little efforts below. I hope you enjoy them, and why don't you consider submitting a little something the next time she gives invitation. Haikus and many other types of poetry are really easy to write.

Insects come from dormancy,
trying out their wings.

Sun, kiss my cold skin!
Swim suit, shorts, sandals, tanks, tees-
Body, come alive!

Beam me up SUNny!
Now, you control my body!
I need to feel hot!

Cold nights slip away;
Warm days on the horizon,
She is almost here!

She's confused...CONFUSED!!
One day hot; one day so cold!
I think Spring is SPRUNG!

Pleads to go outside
Tired of winter's cold prison
Kids make their exit.


Okay, so I'm trying to think of something to do for a Friday fun post and I got inspiration from several of my favorite blogs out there, so, I'm combining all of my newfound ideas into one...A PICTURE, A POEM OR A POST.

Here's how it's going to work: You view or re-view the pictures I've posted on my blog. There are a handful of them; just click on earlier or older posts on the left side of the blog page, go to previous months, or, more simply, click on the label "photos." Look at them very carefully. My desire is that you write a short, little, simple poem about it, preferably something funny, since it's Friday Fun day, but you can do something serious or just thoughtful. I like that too. If you just feel you can't pull out a poem (I hope you are not intimidated by that--we're talking just something simple!), then post me a thoughtful comment about what you thought when you saw it; what did it make you think of? What stuck out or surprised you about it? Whatever you want to say. I can't wait to hear your comments or POEMS!! I'll start us off. This poem will be about me in the mint green prom dress. Lord help me!!

She wore mint green to her prom.
Where did she get the idea from?
It was mermaid style.
I was so chic!
I wore it awhile,
While the prom hours did tick.
Finally I shed my frock
That I now view with shock!
Wait! No! For my time, my look did rock!

Find the post that has me in my mint green prom dress.

Have FUN this Friday. I'm outta' heah!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008



Don't you remember that there was no nursery school without nursery rhymes? Could you even graduate nursery school or from your mom's knee if you didn't know every word to "The Old Woman That Lived in a Shoe?" And by the time you did graduate from one of these places, you could quote and/or sing so many so accurately that teachers beamed with pride and moms thought you were just the cutest, smartest thing in the world. I mean I didn't even realize that you could finish your mental growth process unless you learned a few nursery rhymes. That was the prerequisite to going somewhere in life. This was on every good parent's list of things to do with baby/toddler that day. What am I saying in essence? Nursery rhymes WERE IMPORTANT!! I loved them. I still do. What happened?!! Did they go out of style; were they politically incorrect; did we decide that the silly, senseless ones "dumbed down" our kids? So that's what happened to me huh?

Well, I'm going to have "dumbed down" kids because I taught them ones I grew up with when they were small, and they loved hearing them for the same reasons I did, the rhyme and rhythm, the time with parents, the stories they told, the song they sang. Now it seems that my 9 year old has forgotten them. I guess I didn't read them and sing them long enough. Did I join the fast-paced, technological age where we left this stuff behind in the dust for bigger, smarter, better things? Well, I miss those nursery rhymes. I want to sing them and say them to her again. My boys know them. I may have another chance to teach another generation these wonderful rhymes after all. I have a precious little baby girl that I babysit. She'll want to hear them...maybe.

What are your favorite ones? Can you recall them? How far can you quote them before you realize you've forgotten some of the words? Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post telling me your favorite one/s. Quote it if you can, if it's short, and in part if it's long. I'd love to go back down memory lane with you. I'm going to list some of the ones I remember below. I may have to cheat and look some of them up to finish the parts of it that my old brain won't let me recall.

Let's start with "Baa Baa Black Sheep"
Baa, Baa black sheep,
have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir
three bags full;
one for the master,
one for the dame,
one for the little boy
who lives down the lane.

All around the mulberry bush
the monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey thought 'twas all in fun.
Pop! goes the weasel.

A penny for a spool of thread.
A penny for a needle.
That's the way the money goes.
Pop! goes the weasel.

Up and down the City Road,
in and out of the Eagle,
That's the way the money goes.
Pop! goes the weasel.

Half a pound of tuppenny rice,
half a pound of treacle,
mix it up, and make it nice.
Pop! goes the weasel.
(Still love it! I can just see myself cranking the handle on a jack-in-the-box and hearing this rhyme/song still--I didn't even know what it was talking about then, but I loved it, and it still sticks with me)

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester
In a shower of rain.
He stepped in a puddle
Right up to his middle,
And never went there again!

You guys MUST remember The Eency Weency Spider and The Farmer in the Dell!! They are too big for me to type out here, but does that not bring back memories?!! There are so many more I remember like:

Georgie Porgie, puddin' and pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry.
When the boys came out to play,
Georgie Porgie ran away!

What? Did ol' George think he was about to get the royal "beat down" from the boys who discovered he had kissed the girls and made them cry? Is that why he ran away? Oh Word! If we try to analyze nursery rhymes, that's a whole different story or post. We could have some serious fun with that!!

Well, thanks for walking down memory lane with me. I've really enjoyed recalling these. I think that I will not rule them out forever like some have. I think that even these modern day babies can still enjoy these...even if they don't know yet what they mean!:)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I just thought I'd share some quotes I found on wisdom. They made me think and see how they parallel with other things and truths as I know them. You can certainly use them if you like. I borrowed them from the author myself, after all. I hope one really stands out to you. Tell me how any one of them made you think or what you thought about it.
Cicero says: " The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil."
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: "To understand reality is not the same as to know about outward events. It is to perceive the essential nature of things. The best-informed man is not necessarily the wisest. Indeed there is a danger that precisely in the multiplicity of his knowledge, he will lose sight of what is essential. But on the other hand, knowledge of an apparently trivial detail quite often makes it possible to see into the depth of things. And so the wise man will seek to acquire the best possible knowledge about events, but always without becoming dependent upon this knowledge. To recognize the significant in the factual is wisdom.
George Burns says: "Too bad that all the people who really know how to run the country are busy driving taxi cabs and cutting hair." (I don't know if this is wisdom, truth, or what:))
Groucho Marx: " A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five." (I love this one!)
Henry David Thoreau: "It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things."
Immanuel Kant says: "Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life."
and last for today, Isaac D'Israeli: "The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of the ages, may be preserved by quotations."
Well that's certainly the case with the Bible isn't it? It is the wisdom of the wise and experience of the ages, and it has been preserved through the ages for us to read, having been written by men, guided by the Holy Spirit, to write the quotations of Jesus, others around them (or themselves), and all things that they experienced. It's the most popular quotation book ever! And the neat thing about it is, it's all true!
Be wise this Wednesday (and everyday!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Sounds fancy, but we're only talking tea again, only rarer this time!! I've got to tell you what I've learned about it. As soon as I taste it, which I'm planning to do real soon, I'll let you in on how it tastes too. I've studied it's rarity, varieties, and properties for a long time, so I feel like I know enough now, I can share and you can see if you'd like to be brave enough to try it too. Oh yes, I think it will take some bravery. After all, it is fermented by a slight rotting process to give its distinctive flavor, keeping ability, and health benefits. Maybe it shouldn't take bravery then, just a smart try of something that may work and you may like! Be bold, be different, try it once!
BTW, I will be submitting a box (or bag) of Charleston, SC tea for the tea contest this month, which I've never tasted either. You and I will be trying it together. Remember, Charleston has the only tea plantation in America; the only place in America where tea is grown commercially, and they've got their own brand. Everything else we consume was grown on foreign soil. Tea is very hard to grow in the U.S. and we can't grow enough to satisfy the needs of even that state's tea drinkers, let alone the rest of the country. I can't wait to give it a try. Remember to comment at the bottom of this post if you want to be entered into the contest.
Anyway, back to pu'erh. This tea got its name from the Pu-Erh Prefecture in China's Yunnan Province. My tea info. says that "it was unknown outside China until the early 19th century. Pu'erh can be made from green or black tea; it is the special processing and presence of bacteria (yes, I said bacteria you germa-phobes!) that make this type of tea distinctive. During the withering stage, while the leaves still retain some moisture, they are mounded into piles and allowed to rot (oh yeah, I said rot too--are you still with me?) slightly (see, only slightly my little grossed out ones), so that naturally occurring bacteria (naturally occurring--that's good isn't know "all natural"--that's always supposed to catch your attention) are preserved. The tea is then aged underground or in caves (I love this part. It's seems so ancient and thus cool!). It may be sold as loose-leaf, a paste (wonder how you brew that--I'll have to check), or in compressed tea bricks (this is what interests me). The taste may be earthy or musty (I bet you really want some now, don't you?)."
I know, you want to know if you have to even think of trying something like this, if it has any health benefits that's going to make it worth the effort. Well, good news. "Traditionally, it is drunk medicinally or to aid digestion. Studies have shown that the green pu'erh tea Tuo-Cha is excellent for diminishing arterial plaque." I also read somewhere that a study in France showed that it lowered blood lipids by 13% (3 cups a day for a month). 40% of the people in the study lost weight although there were no stats on how much and how long they had been drinking the tea. Those people were in the 40-50 year age range. Are you on board yet people? Tea not sounding so gross now is it? There are supposedly many other health benefits of this tea also. Do your homework.
Here's what I think is so cool about it. Unlike all other types of tea, the older or more aged pu'erh tea gets, the better it gets, in taste and benefits, like fine wine they say. Other types of tea deteriorate quickly and must be kept airtight and used within a certain amount of time. This stuff just gets better and better and more expensive the older and rarer it is. I looked up some rare pu'erh teas. There are some that are 5, 7, 50, 70, even 100 years old. They can be priced from $7.00 for one ounce to $200-$300 for a 10-14 ounce tea brick or cake. I'm sure you can find some rarer and more expensive than that if you look hard enough. The more aged the tea, the more mellow, I've read also. It's supposed to be great for after dinner, as a digestive.
Well, that's enough information to get you interested, I think...I hope. I like to try new stuff, especially when it has to do with tea. If you get to taste it first, let me know. If you're close enough to me, share. I'm game. If you want to order or just look at this cool, rare tea, google it. I hope you've had an informative tea lesson today. The tea-cha is out until next Tuesday!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

MOMMY (Caregiver/Mentor) MONDAYS (#9)


You can give them Jesus and a Godly legacy. There is nothing else you can possibly give that will be better and longer lasting. They will have the benefit of Jesus in this life and the next. No other gift can do that (last that long); no other gift can "one-up" Jesus! It's the one gift that keeps on giving. Your children will have Him in this lifetime, they will pass Him on to their children, then they will pass Him to their children, and the legacy continues. Your children will then die with Jesus. Will live again with Jesus, and they will do so for eternity. What else can do that? What else is better?

I'm sitting here thinking of all that my children have to go through as teenagers in our world today. It's tough!! It's more than tough!! I wouldn't want to be a teenager in these times. It's hard enough being a parent of teenagers in these times. I'm not sure who is worse off, us or the children we're dealing with:)!!! Want them to have a fighting chance? Give them Jesus!

Even when you're smoothly sailing (never make the mistake of thinking you're going to perpetually sail smoothly when you're currently "smooth sailing"), they need to hear about this wonderful gift, Jesus. In this world, trouble will come inevitably (that's the job of the enemy, the trial of our faith and dependency on Christ and what happens as a result of "the fall"). What can you give them that will have them praising in good times (and bad)? Who can be the someone who understands and that they can run to during the storms, as they sail along? Give them Jesus!

Teens like to share. They will share their clothes, their latest technological devices, information, their time, their hair products, their food, OUR money:), everything. They even share things they shouldn't!! Obviously they will, at some point, share something. Give them the greatest "something" (I know;God is a "HIM") to share with friends (they won't share what they don't have). Give them Jesus!

Talk about Jesus when you wake up, when you lie down, as you go along in your day. There is a verse that says this better or more completely than I have typed it here, but where it is escapes me right now, but you get the gist of it. Talk about Jesus to your children whenever you get an opportunity, which is quite often if you pay attention. For those of you who want this great gift for your children, and you don't have the gift yourself, well, obviously you need the gift before you can pass it along. You don't have to immediately go anywhere or to anybody looking for Him . He is already there, yes right there with you (He is everywhere at all times!!) waiting for you to receive His gift (Himself; salvation, eternity with Him, no hell; He is full of benefits; all pluses, no minuses). Just pray (nothing formal is necessary; you could have never prayed before in your life; God isn't impressed by our words), tell him that you want Him; tell Him that you need Him; tell Him that you've sinned and you believe Him to be the ONLY person who can forgive all of your past, present, and future sins. Tell Him that you want Him for yourself and to give to your children. And if none of this makes sense to you after you pray, but you know you need and want Him, then go talk to someone about Him. Pray and ask Him to put someone in your life that He knows will lead you straight to Him. Call your neighbor (you know, the one you've been watching and are impressed with) who talks about God and/or goes to church and ask them about Him and where they worship. If you go looking for Him, you will find Him, and so will your children.

I'm the tea-cha on Tuesdays. I'm afraid I sound like the prea-cha on Monday:). Well, while I'm certainly not a prea-cha, I am a messenger of God's Word to any who will hear of Him. I pray that you give your children Jesus, the greatest gift of all. And if they already know Him, keep His name on your lips before them. Their acceptance of and following after Him will be relief and joy or balm to a parent's heart.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Now everyone likes to save money, I think. And there are plenty of store brands that work perfectly fine. I usually give the store brand a chance, and I will faithfully continue to buy store brands and/or generics when they perform or taste the same as their name-brand counterparts. But...there are just some things you can't or don't need to try and save money on. The savings aren't worth it.
Take Pop-Tarts (R) for instance. I have tried several different store brands of "toaster pastries" and, I have never tasted one that was comparable to the name brand. They are all pasty, way more crust than filling, etc. On the rare occasion that I do buy Pop-Tarts, there will be no substitution.
Tea is another product, if you're a serious tea sipper, you can't save money on and get the same quality as its cheaper neighbor. If you just like tea to drink as a cool thirst quencher (southern style) or you just want the occasional cup as something different to drink, just about any tea will do. Serious tea sippers though, can easily tell the difference between a high quality tea and a lower quality. High quality teas are more expensive than low, but are still inexpensive as a beverage overall. But, the difference in aroma and taste are profoundly significant. There is no "skimping" here for me.
Toothpaste is another product that we have found you can't get too far to the lower end on, trying to save money. We buy a name brand because we have tried other cheaper brands (after reading the backs of the boxes to compare ingredients), and one in particular wouldn't be worth it if it were sold for a penny. It was thin, gross, and my mouth still didn't feel clean, even after brushing with it.
If you're a serious ice cream consumer like my husband, you can't get too far away from the name brands either. There is a BIG difference in taste and consistency between the name brands and the kind in the big buckets. I don't even like to see the word "artificial" on my ice cream ingredient list. On extremely rare occasions, I will eat one that may have an "artificial" flavor if the other ingredients are all natural. Usually this wouldn't have been my pick though; probably my husband's or one of the kid's and they want me to taste it. The kids though, will just about eat any ice cream of any brand that you put in front of their faces. I'd rather not have ice cream at all if it's not quality. I do believe that there is a difference between quality and name brand. I'm not stuck on name brands as much as taste, performance from a product, or I can see that I can read the materials and/or ingredients and they don't sound like chemical treatments for killing insects. Some things have ingredients that I do believe can or will kill insects...or attract them:)
What things can you not substitute? Comment and let me know.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Okay, so you can tell by the title that there will not be much in the way of a post today folks!! I am really tired, and have been for the last 3 days. It's finally catching up with me. I'm the kind of person who doesn't even like to say she's tired, let alone "be" tired.

I think, if I do anything at my computer today at all, I'll go blog-hopping to a few of my favorite bloggers' sites...MAYBE.

I certainly hope that you, my readers, are having an ENERGETIC day though. Why don't you use this time to check out some of my other posts. I think you'll really enjoy some, if not all.

BTW, whomever answered the poll at the bottom of the blog page got all of the answers right. Everything listed was a fruit except, of course, the sweet potato. There will be a new poll today. Go check it out and see, in a week, if you got the answer right. I won't be too tired to at least put a fresh poll on the page. I think I can muster the energy to do that. Pray for me people!:) I'm getting old and don't have that unending supply of energy I used to have, evidently. I really HATE to admit that.:)

Have a good day!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Well, since no one responded to the post "POST HUNTING AND A PRIZE," I don't have a winner to announce today. Too bad!! I was ready to give a good book away. Well, maybe next time!! I'll just keep the book and maybe enter it into another contest later, or...add it to my library.


Perhaps you've heard, "Hold your tongue young lady (or young man)!!" Can the tongue truly be tamed? It's not really the tongue itself that gets us in trouble. In fact, the ever-accused (and accursed) organ can't do anything without the mind willing it to speak...BUT, most people don't want to get into a science lesson about thoughts leading to sent messages to an organ that does the physical work. Everyone can readily and easily identify with the tongue (and voice box) either wreaking much havoc or building someone up, instead of tearing them down. The "tongue" has the great potential to do both. Let's first talk about the negative. I'll tell you a personal story first.
Anybody that knows me knows that I talk...A LOT!! I ended up marrying a man that talks more than I do though, and that's a really hard thing to do. Why do I talk a lot? I don't know. I guess I'm a social person, I like to share information, maybe it's hereditary, I'm a mother so I have to (and my kids can't get away from me--haaa!!!), maybe it's a gift (yeah, right!!), maybe it's all of these and more...I don't know. I'm even thinking just now, maybe that's the reason I blog. I talk to my girls, and when I'm finished, I talk to my computer! And here I thought all this time that I was just blogging as an outlet (and small hobby) to share with my readers and to use my skills (now this IS funny! I only have two skills apparently, and those are to talk a lot to people and talk a lot to computers when there are no people! this is a sad existence!) Anyhooty, I even once had an elementary school teacher tell me that if I kept talking so much, I would use up all of the oxygen I was given, and I would die early; so I should talk less or just shut up so that I could live to be a grown-up. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT!! Now apparently I didn't heed that for long, and at some point, I figured out this wouldn't really happen, but by George I believed her at the time and I was afraid! Don't ask me how long I stayed...QUIETER until I figured it out. I don't know, but I know for a short period, this woman traumatized me!! She did not understand how to tame that tongue of hers:)!
Seriously though folks, there is a lot to be said about the tongue: politicians (even Presidents) have purjured themselves with it, people have gotten killed because of it, people have gotten abused by it, people have lost dignity over it, children have been belittled by it, bad deals have been made because of it, vows have been made and broken because of its thoughtlessness and cruelty; the list can go on and on.
While the tongue is a really useful instrument, it needs to be bridled for sure. We need to spend more time training our brains to stop and think than allow that same brain to send those messages to that organ without giving much thought at all, lest we let the wild beast loose. It's hard to tame a shrew! Want some wisdom and knowledge about the tongue? I can only refer you to the source I know that tells it like it is. It tells the truth. The Word. Look at this...
Psalm 5:9b - "Their throat is an open grave; They flatter with their tongue." This was King David talking to the Lord about his enemies. The intent of the enemy was to plot against the king and tell lies to discredit him and bring him down.
Psalm 57:4 - "My soul is among lions; I must lie among those who breathe forth fire, even the sons of men, whose teeth are spears and arrows and their tongue a sharp sword." Again, David is talking about his enemies. He compares them to ferocious beasts and again, their tongue was used against him, to discredit or harm him. Are you around any ferocious beasts or lions who use their tongue to hurt you or others? Are you the beast?
Proverbs 6:16-17 - "There are six things which the Lord hates, yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,..." Okay folks, need I say more?! It doesn't say that the Lord simply dislikes these things; He hates them. It looks like lying is right up there with murder, no different in His eyes; sin is sin and He hates it all. Hmmm!
Proverbs 12:18 - "There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." There are contrasts here. I like this because you know what a tongue can do on opposite ends of the spectrum.
Jeremiah 9:8 - "Their tongue is a deadly arrow; it speaks deceit; with his mouth one speaks peace to his neighbor, but inwardly he sets an ambush for him." How many of us know what we call "two-faced" people like that or "phonies"? Again, is this you, or has it been?
Finally James 3:8,10- "But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison." "From the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be this way." Folks, James said it all. Nothing more for me to add.
Be wise this Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008



The tea-cha is really excited about this week's tea post. We're going to talk about how to have a themed tea party!!

There are sooo many kinds of themes for tea parties--Readings, Garden, Meet-n-Greet, Scripture, Scrapbooking or other Hobby Shares, Prayer, etc. I'd like to focus on just one today, and I think the explanation will be fairly simple. I'll TRY to keep it short, but if you've read through my blog, you know how hard that is, but I DO try!! The one I'd like to share is Readings. This one can be for just women or couples.

Pick an excerpt from your favorite short story, historical literature, or an insprirational poem, and get planning!!

First, you'll need to plan way ahead of time. Send out invitations at least 2 weeks in advance so that you can be put on other's calendar or they can call you ahead of time if they can't make it. Knowing who is coming (or not) is crucial to party planning. Think of all of your friends who love reading, writing, hearing poetry read, etc. I would say even invite ones that may not have shared with you whether they like this kind of stuff or not. They might be pleasantly surprised at least. Make a list. Remember if you have limited space, you need limited amounts of friends.

Include instructions in the invitation envelope (If some of your friends have never been to your house, include short directions too, or send them via email). Let them know what kind of party you'll be having. This is your chance to tell them what to bring (the reading choices) and what to wear as well. Print these instructions on beautiful paper if possible, something that will go along with your theme or something classic, that will look good with any theme. For this party, let your guests know that they need to find their favorite quote, reading, poem, piece of literature, etc. Probably your friends know you and so know what kind of readings are welcome at your party. If you're not sure about that, maybe you need to be more specific on the instruction sheet. Make sure you set a time limit on the time each person will be allowed to read. Decide whether you want this to be elegant and semi-formal or cool and casual. People need and want to know what they should wear at tea parties.

Once your invitations are sent and your atmosphere (casual, dressy, whatever) is chosen, time to think details. How much time will you be giving each person to read, when will they get to read, what area in your house or other gathering spot will you have set up for them to read or will they do it from where they sit? You will want to decide whether you want a sit-down tea party at a table or tables or let people sit where they want in a room. I like the latter approach for this theme better because it will be more relaxing and easier for people to see and hear the speaker. This means that you can set up your party "dining hall" or "buffet" style by putting your tea, cups, accessories, savories, and sweets on a beautifully decorated table and people can help themselves. You can also have a server who goes around and refills tea cups.

Make a list of all of the items you will need: Loose leaf or bagged tea (what flavors? or will this be seasonal? You can choose your tea flavors according to that. How many teas will you offer. If you're doing this party alone, the fewer the better. Two would be a great offer in this case), nice porcelain, china, or stoneware serving plates, serving utensils, tiered serving dishes, cream and sugar bowls (offer different kinds of sweeteners-include sugar substitutes-you'll need a container for those packets too), tea cups (get creative-these don't have to come from a full set. If you just want an individual set to match, but no set is the same as someone else's, go for it. I love this! It's still beautiful and offers diversity and style.), ingredients for the savory and sweets you've chosen (go online. there are lots and lots of tea menu ideas and recipe), centerpieces, flowers (decide whether you want to invest in fresh or faux-both can be pretty), table cloths, napkins (for a buffet style or dining hall type tea party, you can use beautifully decorated or white quality, paper napkins), plates and eating utensils (again, since this is buffet style, you may, depending on the atmosphere, etc., want to use pretty, clear plastic utensils and quality, designer, printed plastic plates or clear ones, but you can surely use your own silver or stainless and china, tea pots, and water pitchers. I may be leaving something out, but you'll notice by the time you go along. The set-up is really quite simple, but simplicity doesn't negate elegance and charm. Use as much of your own items as you can, if you need to save. I do (need to save, that is:))

Look around your gathering spot and see how things can be set up. If you have a library in your home, this would be the perfect room. If not, maybe a room where you have lots of small tables of differing heights and books strategically placed (just an "inviting" and comfy living room would work too). Play around with it beforehand. Set up a "practice" tea party setting. See what you like about it and what you don't. See if you're going to need to add something to the room or take something out. Solicit help and ideas from neighbors and friends (and websites).

When your day arrives, start preparing and baking early. Some things may be prepared the night before, especially decorations. Some things may need to be pulled out of the oven for freshness and warmth, right before you guests are set to arrive. Be prepared for this and time things just right. You or someone else should be prepared to greet guests as they come through the door. Explain briefly the seating arrangements. Make an announcement or welcome to everyone. Decide if you want to first allow a casual and brief meet-n-greet before delving into the theme. Go according to your planned schedule on the speaking. Let eveyone know to relax, sip, listen, and enjoy as the speaker starts reading. It would really be great if the speaker has memorized what they're going to say. Let your speakers know that probably no one in the room is a professional speaker, but does have something interesting to say, so don't worry. People will be impressed with the words and effort. If someone is too shy to speak, as a host/hostess, offer to read it for them or ask for any volunteers in the room. No one needs to feel embarrassed, although they would have known what was expected of the early on.

Be prepared to excuse yourself in between readings or have someone at your home (maybe the teen neighbor who wants to help or an older child) to continue to keep the party trays, serving dishes, plates, tea pots, etc. refilled. You will have the refills already prepared in the kitchen or preparation area. If you have to do this alone, this will be a good time for your guests to discuss what they just heard, compliment the reader, contemplate, or refill their plates or cups.

Have party favors if you'd like. I like the idea personally. If you choose to do this, place them on a special table that's nicely decorated or sprinkle them around the buffet table, in between trays, etc. for added decoration. That's going to depend on how big or small the favors are. Let your guests know to pick up one before they leave. Attach a little thank you note card by ribbon or cord to it. For this type of party, you can find favors in the shape of a book or scroll. Get creative and make something. You can always resort to my favorite favor, an old teacup with matching saucer to take home, or be prepared to give away the one they're drinking from if you've found sets that don't match. Have empty gift boxes near the door so that they can pack their tea cup in it when finished, and take it home. If you choose the tea cup idea, place a rolled scroll tied with ribbon around it, with your "thank you" written in calligraphy on it. Tie the scroll to the handle or wrap the tea cup in tulle and attach the scroll to the ribbon you use to gather the tulle at the top.

This type of tea party will be unforgettable. You may just start something. Someone may host one just like it at their house the next time and then someone else the next. You'll be getting together for poetry readings, etc. on a regular basis. How stimulating and fun!! Play around with my ideas a bit, until you come up with the a wonderful Readings tea party of your own.
Please give me comments on tea party themes you've had that were successful, and if you have a Readings tea party, let me know how it went!!