Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sorry I'm late with the list of things you can save on this month. Here I am giving you the list mid-month, and you've probably done a lot of your shopping and saving for the month already!! Well, if you're like me, and you haven't done all of your shopping and saving yet for the month, maybe you'll get some use out of this list. For the rest of you, this is good for that last minute thing or maybe next year. What things can you save on in the month of April? It's a good time to buy:

Easter clothes and accessories (haven't you seen this stuff everywhere?!!)
Electronics (time to get that new, expensive TV with HD that you're going to be forced to get whether you're satisfied with your "regular, working-perfectly-fine" existing TV or not, or, like us, get the converter box--wonder if April is a good month to save on that too--oh yeah, you can go online and get a coupon for the box--well, isn't that a wonderful courtesy to extend to ones you're forcing to do what they didn't choose for themselves and their family in the first place?--oh I keep forgetting, it's just a matter of keeping up with changing technology; it's for our own good; it's what you must do unless you plan on dieing any time soon. What was I thinking?!)
A kitchen stove
Paint (start thinking about refreshing those rooms guys!)
Wallpaper (oh well, skip the paint and go for the wallpaper!)

And these my dears, are all of the wonderful things you could have or can still save on this month! Have a really good shopping and savings day today. Come home, look over your purchases, and feel good about your careful, prayerful choices and what you did with God's money today!


Mariel said...

Wow thanks for the saving tips...kmom3 at planting of the lord blog is also posting money savers! What a blessing to come across your blog! The Lord is opening fresh doors for savings! Praise Him!

Jenifer said...

Thanks so much for visiting By His Grace and for your kind words. I pray that it will continue to be a blessing to you. Look forward to talking with you more.


Peculiar said...

Mariel, I try and look for ways to be a better steward, and I come across some really interesting things. I think we all can use a little help in the saving/stewardship area, even if it's just little reminders if you're already good at it. Thank you for stopping by!

Jenifer, thank you for being kind enough to respond to me and stop by my blog. I look forward to more correspondence with you as well.