Friday, April 11, 2008


Okay, so I'm trying to think of something to do for a Friday fun post and I got inspiration from several of my favorite blogs out there, so, I'm combining all of my newfound ideas into one...A PICTURE, A POEM OR A POST.

Here's how it's going to work: You view or re-view the pictures I've posted on my blog. There are a handful of them; just click on earlier or older posts on the left side of the blog page, go to previous months, or, more simply, click on the label "photos." Look at them very carefully. My desire is that you write a short, little, simple poem about it, preferably something funny, since it's Friday Fun day, but you can do something serious or just thoughtful. I like that too. If you just feel you can't pull out a poem (I hope you are not intimidated by that--we're talking just something simple!), then post me a thoughtful comment about what you thought when you saw it; what did it make you think of? What stuck out or surprised you about it? Whatever you want to say. I can't wait to hear your comments or POEMS!! I'll start us off. This poem will be about me in the mint green prom dress. Lord help me!!

She wore mint green to her prom.
Where did she get the idea from?
It was mermaid style.
I was so chic!
I wore it awhile,
While the prom hours did tick.
Finally I shed my frock
That I now view with shock!
Wait! No! For my time, my look did rock!

Find the post that has me in my mint green prom dress.

Have FUN this Friday. I'm outta' heah!!

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