Friday, April 25, 2008


My precious readers, you want to know what kind of fun I had this Friday and what kind of fun you can have on some Fridays? Bloggy Giveaways and finding blogs that either you can relate to or that you just enjoy looking at because the pictures are so cool!! I don't get to do this often, nor do I want to (have other priorities), but there are so many interesting, talented, gifted, knowledgeable people out there in the blogosphere! Because I visited so many today for the giveaways, I got to come across some of the most wonderful blogs that I would love to go back and visit. One day, I will create a blogroll for my blog page, and share some of my blog finds with you. Then, you can enjoy them too. I know you would.

One of the interesting ones I found, that I will surely go back to and read more on, is This weekend, they were giving away an exciting book that I would love to have...FOR FREE...and I hope I win it! Before now, the only site I've gone on concerning winning something is It's because I know Robin and this is all safe, etc. Plus, I wasn't really into trying to get freebies from people for the most part. I didn't really care and this wasn't my thing, although receiving something nice from someone was nice. Well, while that's still pretty much my character and way, I have really enjoyed looking at the things offered during this "bloggy giveaway weekend." It was really FUN!! Next time, maybe I'll be better prepared and invite you to join in and see what all of the fun is about. I really think my readers will like and appreciate it...I think! Well, at least go to the two websites I mentioned above. You will enjoy these, one especially if you're a tea lover like me, and the other for the sheer "conversation" and some beautiful pictures to boot. I pray you had fun with your family or...with yourself in whatever you enjoy this Friday!! I sure did!!


e-Mom said...

You know Robin? (She's a long-time blogging buddy of mine.) Cool! So glad you had fun in the blogosphere.

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Peculiar said...

E-mom, I won something too. It was something I was not intending to win anything on, the one where when you comment, they send pads to girls in Africa on your behalf. Well, just for weighing in, she is sending me something anyway. How nice! I did have fun this weekend! Thanks.