Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I would like to hear from you again. I always try and leave what words of wisdom I feel like I can share with others, and I try to hear from God before I leave them, not wanting you to hear from me, but what He has put on my heart (Look back at other Wednesday Wisdom posts on the blog.). There is no telling what you might get if you hear directly from me:)! Anyway, I'd like to hear your words of wisdom. Share them with me and other readers; what God has spoken to you; a wise lesson, something you've learned this week or in your lifetime that are true words of wisdom. The Bible speaks highly of obtaining wisdom, but it also says more than that, we should get understanding. What is wisdom without understanding? Well let's hear your words of wisdom and pray that God helps us understand what it is He is trying to speak directly and specifically to us with those words. I can't wait to learn from you, my readers, and broaden my understanding that I might do more for Him and because of Him.


Jennifer in OR said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my Child's Spring Book post; I'll answer you shortly on that!

Wisdom? Hmmm. One thing I try to keep close to my heart is the thought "what have I done today/what am I doing at this very moment, that sows something good into the life of my child?" I get sooo busy with work, chores, laundry, dishes, etc, that I really lose sight of this question.

Peculiar said...

Jennifer, thanks for stopping by my blog as well. I really appreciate it. That was great wisdom for us moms that you left. I'm always conscious too, of whether I'm sowing something good and worthy into the life of my children. I also wonder about the use of my time also. I'm very conscious of that, although maybe not as much as I should be all of the time. I try:) Thanks again.