Monday, April 7, 2008

MOMMY (Caregiver/Mentor) MONDAYS (#9)


You can give them Jesus and a Godly legacy. There is nothing else you can possibly give that will be better and longer lasting. They will have the benefit of Jesus in this life and the next. No other gift can do that (last that long); no other gift can "one-up" Jesus! It's the one gift that keeps on giving. Your children will have Him in this lifetime, they will pass Him on to their children, then they will pass Him to their children, and the legacy continues. Your children will then die with Jesus. Will live again with Jesus, and they will do so for eternity. What else can do that? What else is better?

I'm sitting here thinking of all that my children have to go through as teenagers in our world today. It's tough!! It's more than tough!! I wouldn't want to be a teenager in these times. It's hard enough being a parent of teenagers in these times. I'm not sure who is worse off, us or the children we're dealing with:)!!! Want them to have a fighting chance? Give them Jesus!

Even when you're smoothly sailing (never make the mistake of thinking you're going to perpetually sail smoothly when you're currently "smooth sailing"), they need to hear about this wonderful gift, Jesus. In this world, trouble will come inevitably (that's the job of the enemy, the trial of our faith and dependency on Christ and what happens as a result of "the fall"). What can you give them that will have them praising in good times (and bad)? Who can be the someone who understands and that they can run to during the storms, as they sail along? Give them Jesus!

Teens like to share. They will share their clothes, their latest technological devices, information, their time, their hair products, their food, OUR money:), everything. They even share things they shouldn't!! Obviously they will, at some point, share something. Give them the greatest "something" (I know;God is a "HIM") to share with friends (they won't share what they don't have). Give them Jesus!

Talk about Jesus when you wake up, when you lie down, as you go along in your day. There is a verse that says this better or more completely than I have typed it here, but where it is escapes me right now, but you get the gist of it. Talk about Jesus to your children whenever you get an opportunity, which is quite often if you pay attention. For those of you who want this great gift for your children, and you don't have the gift yourself, well, obviously you need the gift before you can pass it along. You don't have to immediately go anywhere or to anybody looking for Him . He is already there, yes right there with you (He is everywhere at all times!!) waiting for you to receive His gift (Himself; salvation, eternity with Him, no hell; He is full of benefits; all pluses, no minuses). Just pray (nothing formal is necessary; you could have never prayed before in your life; God isn't impressed by our words), tell him that you want Him; tell Him that you need Him; tell Him that you've sinned and you believe Him to be the ONLY person who can forgive all of your past, present, and future sins. Tell Him that you want Him for yourself and to give to your children. And if none of this makes sense to you after you pray, but you know you need and want Him, then go talk to someone about Him. Pray and ask Him to put someone in your life that He knows will lead you straight to Him. Call your neighbor (you know, the one you've been watching and are impressed with) who talks about God and/or goes to church and ask them about Him and where they worship. If you go looking for Him, you will find Him, and so will your children.

I'm the tea-cha on Tuesdays. I'm afraid I sound like the prea-cha on Monday:). Well, while I'm certainly not a prea-cha, I am a messenger of God's Word to any who will hear of Him. I pray that you give your children Jesus, the greatest gift of all. And if they already know Him, keep His name on your lips before them. Their acceptance of and following after Him will be relief and joy or balm to a parent's heart.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Monica! I agree with you all the way. I also think one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is prayer. E.M. Bounds says that our prayers outlive generations, that although the lips that speak them are closed, the prayers of the saints live on. In Revelations 5:8 it speaks of the prayers of the saints that are in the golden bowls of incense. That is so comforting for me to know that everyone who has gone before me, who has prayed for me, like my grandmother's and my mother,father, aunts, uncles etc....their prayers are in the golden bowls. And think about it, our prayers live on as well for generations. We have no idea this side of heaven to know exactly how God uses our prayers. Preach on girl! You got it going! See ya Wed. By the way, still praying for you and yours! Blessings, Kim

Peculiar said...

I love the "golden bowls" information from Revelation that you spoke of. I love it!! I have to do something with that. I'll have to study it more. Thank you for your comment Kim. I'm always glad to see my favorite ladies stop by. Thanks for your continued prayers also.