Friday, April 11, 2008


Robin over at gave an opportunity for us to express ourselves with poetry once more, to write a Haiku or two, about Spring. I was excited about this as usual, so I did one or two, well, a few. Check out my little efforts below. I hope you enjoy them, and why don't you consider submitting a little something the next time she gives invitation. Haikus and many other types of poetry are really easy to write.

Insects come from dormancy,
trying out their wings.

Sun, kiss my cold skin!
Swim suit, shorts, sandals, tanks, tees-
Body, come alive!

Beam me up SUNny!
Now, you control my body!
I need to feel hot!

Cold nights slip away;
Warm days on the horizon,
She is almost here!

She's confused...CONFUSED!!
One day hot; one day so cold!
I think Spring is SPRUNG!

Pleads to go outside
Tired of winter's cold prison
Kids make their exit.


Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

Oh, my, Peculiar! BRAV-OH-MY-OH-MY!!

1) FORGIVE ME for simply forgetting to post what you emailed to me :/. Momnesia!!

2) You're GOOD at this! It's obvious you delight in poetry.

3) There's so much energy in your words--an active vibe. Your last lines often pack a punch!

--Body, come alive!
--I need to feel hot! (tamale!!)
--I think Spring is SPRUNG!

See? So much power!

Thanks for joining in; I'll try to do a better job of keeping on top of things :).

Peculiar said...

Thank you Robin! You do know how I like my poetry. Looking forward to your next challenge or...opportunity.

Pamela said...

one day hot (yesterday was 82)
one day so cold (it snowed above us in the hills this morning)

You nailed it!

Peculiar said...

Thanks for looking in on me, Pamela.