Sunday, July 20, 2008



SharonB said...

Thank you for your visit last Thursday! You were so right - I was in much need of a vacation. I am now sitting at the airport 2 hrs early catching up on some blog reading. While I miss everyone at home I hate to give up the time alone with my hubby - but guess we have to face life again at some point huh?

thanks again!

Natalie said...

I'm so glad you've joined Be Still Sunday. My hopes is that it is a postive reminder for all of us to take the time to reflect.

Peculiar said...

Time alone with our husbands is so special and so important. You do miss it when you have to get back to the old grind, but, like you said, we have to go back and face life again:) It's good to get back though. Now you can reflect on the good time you and your husband had and have new "sparks."

I really appreciated having the "Be Still" button to add to my blog and use on Sundays. I didn't want the choice to not blog to be legalistic, but it's very important to me to take the day I choose to rest or be still seriously and commit it to God and the family, not blogging, which is not half as important to me as they are. I was trying, initially to do a piece on Sunday, something humorous and short after church, but somehow, I just fell out of doing it, couldn't find any material for it, lost interst in blogging on Sunday, etc. I guess I was getting the message loud and clear. Thanks again.