Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Are you interested in your role as a man or a woman? Do you think you have these roles down to a science? How do you know? What can you gauge it by? Is there a big difference between men and women? Can you just look at society and your immediate surroundings and environment to figure these things out or get it right?

All of these questions can be answered pretty clearly, leaving nothing to question if you look in the right place for answers or verification. The Word (Bible) really does contain clear and true descriptions of the differences between male and female, although Genesis 1:26-27 does identify the SPECIFIC ways in which we were created equal. Our first goal should be to accept the Word as truth (because it is) so that we can have something firm and sure to go by. The next thing to do would be to investigate; look for those "gold nuggets" of wisdom and truth in the Word that will take us on a journey that will answer all of the above questions. We all need something we can wrap our fist around and hold tightly as truth. We all need assurance.

Society has too many options and choices. How can you know and trust which one is right? There is no one "right" answer in the world. According to it, everything is "right." It just depends on what you want or what society dictates at the time. Is that enough for you? Wouldn't you want the assurance of a single, right answer for whatever question you might have concerning who you are and what that should look like versus a plethora of choices and then you've got to figure this whole thing out yourself? How can you trust you get it right? I couldn't trust myself. After all, I'm just human (imperfect) and how often do we get things right? Who wants to take the chance when you CAN get things right 100% of the time ( at least when we're looking for and practicing truth)? The Word holds the 100% truth 100% of the time. Where else can you get those kind of guarantees? Nowhere in the world!!

We could discuss in post after post after post true female and male roles as dictated by the Truth, but for the sake of space and time, let me just leave you with this: Don't let society dictate to you who you are and what that should look like. Don't let anyone tell you that there are no one right answers to all of the questions posed here. God created male and female, and how He designed them, why He designed them, and the order he designed them in was no accident. After all, God doesn't make accidents. We were created on purpose, therefore, it only makes sense that what His creations look like and act or function like were purposeful creations also. God is also not the author of confusion and so would not want His creatures confused. There are RIGHT and CLEAR answers, and when investigated, studied, and played out, make a beautiful, TRULY peaceful, and satisfactory (100% of the time) picture and life for all. THAT IS A GUARANTEE!

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