Saturday, February 23, 2008


Since Saturday most people relax or shop, I thought I'd share a few tips I've learned from author, speaker, wife, mother Ellie Kay who is the ONE to go to when you want to shop on a budget, live well on one income, save, invest, find bargains, shopping tips and secrets, etc. I love her book 1/2 Price Living-Secrets to Living Well on One Income. I would encourage anyone who wants to know some really great things about any topic I've named above to get this book (she's got other great ones too!). She knows her stuff. I know that most women love a sale or bargain, and some of us love to make sure we're spending our money and time wisely (practicing good stewardship).

Ellie talks about the right days to shop for certain things. Yes, there are certain days you ought to try and shop for what you're looking for, unless, of course, it's something you need right then. But, if you use some of the following tips and plan ahead, you can save a lot of money. The following is what I learned from reading her book:

If you're shopping for a car, Ellie says, "Most people know late summer and early fall are the times when carmakers release new models and dealers want to get rid of last year's leftovers. But most people don't know a good time to buy is at the end of the month and often in the middle of the week-Wednesday. If you can buy on the last Wednesday of the month, you'll do even better. Another Wednesday factor is that dealerships aren't crowded in the middle of the week, and customers can get more attention from the sales staff. Early mornings and midweek are the least crowded times."

House shopping is another good thing you can do on Wednesday, because real estate agents have a tendency to show fewer homes on this day. Ellie Kay says the best season to look for a house is winter. She shares that "houses tend to have a lackluster appearance in the winter and don't show as well. They lose curb appeal in their dormant state. Higher home prices come in the spring, when most houses go on the market. So, buy in the winter and sell in the spring." Good advice we may not even think about when buying a home!

Since it's February, I'll share with you what things she says are best purchased in this month or may have special sales in this month. Sorry I waited until almost the end of the month to share, but...better late than never, right? Okay, here we go...
Floor Coverings
Valentine's Day Candy (after the 14th of course)

Happy shopping and savings to you. Hope you can find sweet rest on your new bedding while you eat your discounted chocolate from Valentine's Day. That's after you have gone out shopping wearing your new coat that was a steal at your favorite store. Of course you would have come straight home to use your new dinnerware while standing on that fabulous new floorcovering in your kitchen. While waiting for the dinner to be done, you slumped on the chic, new furniture the warehouse up the road had with unbelievable sale tags on it. That particular furniture store had a housewares section you could check out while there, to complete that look. Those prices were more heavily discounted than the furniture. It was unbelievable!!

Wouldn't that be a great shopping day?!! See you next Saturday!

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