Friday, February 22, 2008


I must apologize to all of my regular, everyday readers (okay probably none:)) for not having a fresh post up yesterday. Yesterday was really busy in our home and lives. Sick kids, dr.'s appointments, waiting in the dr.'s office, waiting at the pharmacy, waiting, waiting, waiting, then...exhaustion. Typical day in the middle of "gunk" and "flu" season. Gotta' love the way those good old germs come in and wreak havoc, leaving behind the aftermath, while they move on to their next victim. Oh, at The Fall, at The Fall, where it all began. Thanks to our first parents. Yall know who they are.

Anyhoo, Since today is another gloomy day in Tennessee, I thought I'd do poetry. My Friday posts don't have a theme like some of the other days I post on, so we'll let it be our hodgepodge day. Anything to cheer us toward the weekend and celebrate the end of the sometimes monotonous work week. Let me give you a little history on me and poetry. I've written it and loved it since I was a little girl, elementary school age. I'm not sure if any of my friends were writing it back then, but I was and I really enjoyed it. I even checked out books by famous poets from the school library when I was that young. I used to try and interpret the really hard ones and memorize the easy ones. I still recall some lines from some of the famous poems by well known authors. I was really intrigued by poetry written by people of African American or foreign culture and descent. There was always lots of passion, vibrancy, feelings, artistic language, heart, and culture in them. As you read, you danced with the words; you were sometimes "there," you could "feel" the author, you were snatched into the poem itself. Okay, I really liked poetry and I still do!

At (Robin's blog--she won the tea through my contest, remember?), there is a challenge to just simply write poetry once a month. There is always a theme, but you don't have to be professional and you don't even have to go with the poetry theme if you don't feel comfortable with it. I would encourage people to try the theme though. This month, it is sonnets. I love sonnets. Well, I love all kinds of poems, but for this month, I LOVE SONNETS. I wrote her two and sent them over. I'll share with you my two, and I want to challenge you to try your own. Send it to me in your comment at the bottom of this post. I'd love for everyone to click on comments to see what everyone else has written. It'll be bad if there ends up nothing there but mine, but, oh well...such is life! Just enjoy mine then. One of mine is serious, so it may not "cheer" you on toward the weekend, but the other one IS!! Just read them both for poetry's sake and be inspired! Here we go....

"I am desperately looking for you, my sweet boy!
Where has my little boy gone?
Come out of hiding son; don't be coy,"
Mummy's been praying since dawn.
"What were you running from? Where did you go,"
I asked once my sweet boy returned?
"He called me, Mummy. He beckons me so,
That I ran where my foolish heart yearned."
"Just ignore him, sweet boy. Stay near to mum.
We will keep you safe; all the more we'll pray."
"But if I don't go, mum, here he will come,
And then he will want to stay."
"Then we'll take our scrip, sweet boy of mine, and we'll look to Him.
He'll make small of him, in your sweet rest, once the lights grow dim."
The one above is personal to me. I still thought I'd share the poem itself with you. The meaning will remain personal.
I thought a sonnet only for Shakespeare;
For he is the man of soul with words.
I am surprisingly wrong, it appears.
You people are responding in droves and herds!
Keep writing dears; keep writing!
I love what I see and read!
The poetry bug is bitterly biting!
Think; ponder; write; take heed!
And now, my friends of new-found gifts,
Off I go too, to make a sonnet my solace.
I just have to come to grips
With the poetry plague that will befall us.
What is that from afar off I hear?
The song of a sonnet in my ear!


Robin said...

Loved this line:

"As you read, you danced with the words... you were snatched into the poem itself."

Clearly, you have a gift, my friend:).

I feel the weight of the first, and the second? Well, it's a poem of great encouragement :).

Keep bring light with you wherever you go!

(Hope y'all are feelin' better, too :/).

The Real said...

I am not very big on poetry because I have a hard time with other's interpretations of different poems. How can any one person be an expert on a poem written hundreds of years before and discount another's interpretation. I am very simplistic in my poetic tastes. I do not like having to work too hard for theme/meaning. Poetic interpretation is usually too subjective for me, however, I did enjoy the sonnet that you had chosen and the one that you wrote.

Peculiar said...

Thank you 'Real'. Thank you Robin. I just simply love poetry and I just try my hand at it. I appreciate the opportunity to write "my little stuff" and share it with people.