Friday, February 29, 2008


Okay, everyone thinks that you've got to teach your girls to be modest, protective, to watch out for boys, etc. While that's true, good, and fine, what about boys these days? Well, we know the double standard exists, but what about teaching boys principles like we would teach the girls, because guess what people? For two years, we've found out that at some point, not only have some parents stopped teaching their girls these good old-fashioned morals, values, and boundaries, but the girls have mutated over the years into these really aggresive, female "things" that will go after the boy. Not in a mild, "you don't know I really want you, but I do" kind of way either.

Our boys have introduced us to some scary female "things." I mean, some of the parents of these "things" even think its cute to set their underaged girls up with boys, no matter what the boys age is. They never inquire either, about what kind of boy they're setting their daughter up with, and worst of all I think, they never ask for or try and meet the parents. They let the girl dictate what she wants to do and when or, the mom lives through her girl/s vicariously. SCAAARRRYYY!! I don't know what that's all about.

I ask questions of the parents, especially the mother since that's who I end up dealing with (I don't know where the dad is and/or why he doesn't have anything to say about what's going on with his daughter!!), and they look at me like I'm from the Victorian age or further back, and sometimes are speechless and don't know how to answer my questions. I'm looking back at them trying to figure out why they're not asking me similar questions concerning my son. I end up letting them know what we do, what we don't do, what kind of family we are, etc. I ask about what the kids are planning to do that day; I ask about supervision; I ask all that a parent should ask. I want everything out on the table and I want to go away with a great understanding and some comfort as to who my child will be hanging out with. Well guess what? I'm more concerned as the mother of a son than the mother of these daughters are. I think being concerned about both genders is equally important. I have 2 boys and 2 girls, and my girls and their welfare is no less or more important to me than my boys, especially now that I know that these "things" are on the warpath!!

These poor boys are now watching out for the girls!! They're coming home telling stories about the girls that, in the past, you only reserved for some aggresive boys. What's going on? Where have we failed in our duties to tame and set boundaries for our kids? I'm afraid for my boys!! I've only, so far, met ONE mother who cared about her daughter, who was just as cautious as I was, who asked all of the right questions considering she was going to allow her daughter to be around a boy, who was very vigilant about keeping an eye on this new developing "couple," and who set some pretty clear boundaries for her child. I totally didn't mind; it didn't hurt my feelings at all! As a matter of fact, she is what I wished I had been getting all along. I really respected her and we were both on the same page. HELLO!!! Is this a foreign concept?

I'm getting to the place where I'm getting paranoid about my boys being around some of these girls. And let me tell you, if you think that boys aren't just as foolish and swayed and persuaded by girls as the other way around, THINK AGAIN!! These girls are picking out some really nice and/or naive boys (this is what we get when we try and raise them in a Godly home I guess), holding their noses wide open, and leading THEM astray as easily as the boy would a girl. Again, SCAAARRYYY!! Here we are, trying to teach them right, praying for them and their future mates, setting good examples, etc. and you've got these "other" parents out here who will allow their girls to tear down all you and the Lord have built up in a 2-second "date." Well, I don't think so!!!

I've decided that I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing, TRYING (because all kids don't cooperate) to raise boys who will be Godly husbands, fathers, employees, etc., and therefore, I will not relinquish my boys readily to these female "things." I will continue to ask questions, set boundaries, be looked at strangely, and sometimes say, "Absolutely not!! I don't think so!!" I will not be moved!! I will not be cornered and intimidated by these fearful "things." God gave me charge of His children that He assigned to me, and I take that charge seriously. I don't know why other parents don't. Well, I do know why they won't, but, that's not my problem. I'll pray for them and even TRY to tell them truth in love, but their daughters better stay away from my boys until she/they can figure out what's still good for them and not ancient and what they SHOULD AND SHOULDN'T BE DOING according to what the Word has spelled out. IF SHE CAN'T FIGURE THAT OUT, she might be good for somebody's son, but not the ones God assigned to this MAMA. If my boys stray, it won't be because their mom wasn't serious about guarding them and their integrity, testimony, bodies, and characters. It will be their choice. RIGHT NOW GIRLS, IT'S MAMA'S!!

Okay, you all have a wonderful rest of your Friday, okay?!!

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