Saturday, February 16, 2008


Who am I? Below is a 10 item list. You get to see into my life, past and present (I'll share more with you another time); you get to see who I really am or were, and how peculiar Peculiar is:). Here's getting to know me or know me better:) Pictures of proof are above!

1. I helped run a family farm where we owned and bred Myotonic meat goats, introducing and creating a new market for them (yes, there is a market for them:)). I've even written articles in the Goat Rancher magazine (this cracks me up to this day). Ask me to show you the articles one day. I have copies:)! I also attended Goat Camp in Texas. That's where I was when I was holding horns of a buck in the picture.

2. I lived in Hawaii for a few years (one of the pictures shows my boys on the beach), California, (pumpkin patch picture), Kentucky, and Tennessee.

3. My dad is the real Godfather from the movies (just kidding obviously, but doesn't he look like it with the hat and overcoat?)

4. I can make homemade soap and I did for a while, and successfully sold it. The picture is of a show I did with my sister. Didn't sell anything there, but I had lots of private customers.

5. Testimony: The Lord allowed me to come back to work for and minister in a domestic violence shelter that I had been a client in years before. I now volunteer my time to the agency.

6. I wore a mint green dress to the prom and tore off half of the picture because I didn't end up liking the boy I went with very much. (Can you believe I was 18 yrs. old on the picture?)

7. I worked jobs as a waitress, babysitter, manager, asst. special-ed teacher, small business owner, master engraver, and sales lady at a couple of stores, not in this order though.

8. I am the wife of a pastor. Hubby has been a preacher for a total of 15 years, ordained for 12.

9. I am a member of a Historical Society of a southern plantation where my grandfather used to run moonshine, and made quite a good living doing it, and my great-grandfather owned his own home (quite large) and was not a sharecropper while most everyone else of his ethnic background was (Maybe my dad really is the Godfather --these men are his father and grandfather after all:) ).

and last (for now) but not least-10. I'm making wearing the afro cool again:)!!! But you did already know this about me didn't you?

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MyJourneyBack said...

Oh what a funny and neat post.
From the torn picture to the moonshine grandpa! I loved reading it. Oh and a goat farmer.
What an amazing story you have.
I have never been to Hawaii. Wow what a place to live. I haven't been to a Southern plantation either. Wow what history you have.
I am enjoying reading your blog.
Thanks for visiting me.