Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I must apologize for not posting earlier in the day, but today was FULL, to say the least, so some of you may not read Wednesday Wisdom until Thursday. That being the case, and because this day has been so busy and hectic, here's my simple little wisdom for today (and I'll try to give you something more intelligent to read for all subsequent Wednesdays, but no promises people, this is me you know (or you'll learn:)):

1. Don't fill your day with so many things you can't manage them (prioritize--I did do this today, but my day was full non-the-less.)

2. Don't agree to manage what you can't really manage.

3. Don't have kids who dictate and manage your day for you (my kids would never do that:))

4. Send the kids that do that back where they came from until they can learn to manage their own lives

5. Don't manage to have more kids like them in the future.

6. Split the duties if possible. See if your husband would like to manage some of the things you need to have managed. (Maybe he can at least deal with those unmanageable kids.)

7. Manage to manage.

8. Am I detecting a theme here?

9. Does it seem like there is something I want to take out on the kids?

10. Have a wiser Wednesday than your last one, and an even better one next time:)

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Patrice said...

I do believe I detect a "subtle" theme! LOL! I love it!! I feel you, sister!