Saturday, February 16, 2008


I was just sitting here thinking about what to say to my audience today and my two sisters popped into my head. I guess I can assume that it is because I miss them so much. My sisters live in West Tennessee, and I live in East Tennessee now.

I would like for you to get to know them through this post and picture and see why I think the Holy Spirit put them on my heart today. I think about them often, but I've got something special on my mind today, concerning them.

My sisters and I grew up vastly different, personality-wise, and I'm now glad we did. I've learned so much from them, good and bad:).

As beautiful and innocent as they look on this picture, these are some serious chicks (or seriously something:) ).

One will kill me for letting you in on this but, she once beat a girl up in Kindergarten, with a Dr. Scholl's wooden clog (remember those? which color did you have?) because the girl was aggravating her and my sister had asked her several times to stop. She wailed on the girl so hard with the shoe, the school considered the wooden shoe a weapon from then on and literally banned the wearing of the shoe at the school. So because of my sister, we or any other girl for that matter, could no longer wear these fashionable (okay fashion faux pas) shoes to school again, EVER! Guess which of these sweet-looking innocents did this! (I'm the one in the middle, freshly married; the "innocents" are my maid and matron of honor)

The other sister is a loner, but when forced to "take care of business" or react to something, she is a act now-ask questions later type girl. She may not even ask questions later. Just depends. Anyway, her story is that once when we were younger (I won't say when:) ), my parents were divorced and my mom had started to date this man. Keep in mind, we were very protective of our parents and each other, and you weren't likely to get away with mistreating one of us once us girls found out. Nothing would be the same again. No, we weren't trouble makers, or nuts, or gangsters, or heathens, etc. (well...maybe we are nuts), we just simply loved each other, okay!! Work with me here!! Anyway, the man had said something to my little sister that he shouldn't have, and she told my oldest sister and I about it. We decided that that wouldn't work so, my oldest sister suggested that we go to my mom's house, where he happened to be that day (mother didn't know what we were going to be doing) and tell him off. Two young girls taking care of adult business--imagine that!! When we got there we threatened him and told him that we would have our dad come over and beat him up (or shoot him, which is more than likely what my dad was prone to do--wonder where we got our attitudes and personalities from--or I wonder where "they" did--this isn't me people, this isn't me:) ) if he ever said anything out of the way to our little sister again. My oldest sister did all of the talking, but boy was I there to back her up:)!!!! We put the fear of God in that joker that day!! He was scared of OUR dad!! My mom never found out that we did this. (She might now though...LOVE YOU MA!! We did you a favor, don't ya see now? Our intentions were good!)

While I'm just so innocent and never pulled the same pranks and beat people up like my sisters did, boy do I admire these girls' spunk and boy did we have fun!! I'm not sure if we even knew how much fun we were having then, but as we talk, laugh, and reflect back now, we know that THESE WERE THE DAYS:)!!!! WE DID HAVE FUN!!! I wouldn't trade these experiences with them for the world. My sisters' personalities gave my life a quality that I didn't understand or appreciate as much then as I do now. Because we know that all of our life experiences count, (they shape and mold us into the adults we are now) I'm sure that what my sisters imparted to me to this point has turned me into something. What that something is, is the question:), but thanks for your contribution anyway sisters:)! Even with all of your craziness, I think or I seemed to have turned out okay, thanks in part to you! If nothing else, I've got plenty of stored up ideas on how to "take care of business," just in case...;)

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Robin said...


First, it was GREAT "meeting" your sisters; maybe one day we'll get to have a real face-to-face :). AND...I bet if they get blogs, they'll tell some tales on YOU!


Second, you might be able to fool around with the date in Blogger; it shouldn't have posted in February, so check out the date and see if you can change it.