Monday, February 11, 2008


Just wanted my readers to know that they will now start seeing different ads on my blog. These ads are chosen totally by the internet ad company. I have no say so. They try and incoporate ads to a blog that match the content, interests, etc. of the blog and the blogger. They don't know us personally, so the ad may or may not reflect the thoughts, desires, or choices of this blogger. Thank you for tuning in to howdowegettherefromhere! :)

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Robin said...


I can't believe you were holding out on me and had this in the works!! Thanks for letting me know you were up and running...and when I have "real" time, I'll actually read this (in a hurry now :/).

I'll help coach you through some of this, but I'm so proud of you; I almost sent you the link last week, but got in a hurry and didn't get to it.

Love you!! Looking forward to more of you HERE!

(p.s. you'll have to join Pensieve's Poetic License this month...the format is Sonnets :) ).