Thursday, February 28, 2008


Robin over there at Pensieve listed her top 10 favorite things to eat. She asked if we had blogs, to list them on there, and if not, list them under comments on her post. Well, that's what I think I'll do for Thursday, talk about my 10 favorite things to eat. It's funny that I'm even choosing this as a post for today because I'm not a big eater and food doesn't move or motivate me. I usually eat because I have to. Only occasionally will I go ga ga over something that I really, really like. Anyhooty, I'll list mine, and I challenge you to list yours under comments at the end of the post. We'll see who has the strangest appetite while we're at it!!!:)

1. Baked French Toast Casserole w/maple syrup (thanks to my sister)

2. exotic, rare, imported fruit (too many to list here--this started in HI)

3. a lobster, shrimp, and scallop dish in spinach sauce from Food Works (I forget the name of it and I can't get hold of my friend who went with me to ask)

4. my grandfather's biscuits with real butter and molasses (too bad I can't get these anymore)

5. Unfortunately, I'd rather have sweets than food, so anything that my sisters and mother bake. These are the queens of baking homemade desserts that are rich, fattening, and everything else we don't need that often...just what I like:)

6. Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal (every morning)

7. Baked or steamed sweet potatoes with real butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg

8. Most seafood (I really like salmon, mahi mahi, and blackened ahi (I know, the carcinogens from blackened foods isn't good for you, but I only eat this once every couple of years or so anyway))

9. I like a variety of nuts

10. popcorn with real butter and cracked black peppercorns or popcorn drizzled with olive oil and crushed peppercorns. (My oldest son can really do specialty popcorn well!)

What foods really make you happy? I didn't mention that I love a variety of vegetables because that would have made 11. Oh well, now you know:)


bewilderthanwhat said...

Now me, I love food - all kinds at all times. I can't eat a big meal but I am a snacker.

1. Romanian pickles and pickled onions. My best friend's mom in Romania makes the absolute best and we would sit and eat them by the jar.

2. Chili's chips and salsa is another food I can just sit and eat all day - just heaven.

3. Fresh veggie hodge podge - I love to chop up all the fresh veggies I can find (tomato, onion, celery, black olives, bell pepper, dill pickles, cucumber, etc.) and add some shredded cheddar cheese and some parmesan and even some grilled chicken if it is around then add my favorite dressing at that time - ranch, italian, Greek vinigrette, honey mustard, etc and voila! you have a treat! - I also like to munch on sweet red or orange bell peppers just for the fun of it.

4. Fresh grapefuit - lately I am on this grapefruit kick and it doesn't look like it will end soon.

5. French Toast - all ever which a way - my dad and I used to make French toast together on Saturday mornings when I was growing up - it has always been a favorite.

6. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake - now this is heavenly! I do like chocolate but I am first a vanilla queen although I wouldn't be opposed to a little hot fudge on my vanilla cheesecake. By the way, hot fudge is goood on plain cheesecake.

7. Fresh hot bread - this is also heavenly. Romanian bread is still my favorite but since I can't have it, I will have to substitute. Golden and crusty on the outside and soft on the inside - spread with real butter as soon as the loaf comes out of the oven.

8. Fried dill pickles - I don't do much fried stuff but for pickles I make an exception.

9. Giovanni's specialty house pizza - it has everything but anchovies and hot peppers and it is abslutely mouth watering. I like it better than any other pizza place

10. Frozen cokes - Icee coke. Not raspberry or cherry, etc. It has to be a frozen coke by Coca-cola which is my favorite drink.

I am sure I left out something that I think is out of this world but these are more than enough for now.

Peculiar said...

Now bewilderthanwhat has me going because I forgot, until she posted her list, that she and I like some of the same foods, and have eaten some of them together, foods like chips and salsa (I make my own cream cheese dips and I like them as much, if not more than the salsa), and fresh, hot bread (I don't eat a lot of bread anymore, but when I do, I like foccacia dipped in olive oil and homemade yeast rolls, slathered with real butter of course--my arteries ought to be clogged at just the many mentions I've made of real butter!). I think now, in a rare occurence, food has moved me. I'm hungry people!!

downbrowncat said...

ok, i can do this. even though my appetite is some what diminished these days, i enjoy a variety of different things.

1.macaroni grill's penne rustica is my absolute fav.
2.this goes hand in hand with number 1, foccacia bread with italian butter.
3.logan's roadhouse mesquite grilled chicken breast served with rice pilaf.
4.and me being the friend that went to the foodworks. seafood farfall. and let me say, the atmosphere at this place is wonderful.
5.not a real fan of sweets, i have to be in the mood. but brownie blondie from applebee's is more than enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.
6.another sweet i really liked was strawberry shortstack pancakes from ihop. which monica has yet to try.
7.fresh steamed broccoli with a pat of butter, nothing else. feelgood food at it's best!
8.cream of wheat with butter, milk & brown sugar floating on top.
9.soup of too many varities to list, more feelgood food.
10.pumpkin cobbler during the holidays, monica can attest to this recipe, she sampled some i made for last thanksgiving. sounds different, i know, but very very good.

Peculiar said...

Okay, you guys are starting to make me look like a liar about eating, but some of you know me. I must comment and add to my ever-growing list because of you!! You keep naming stuff that we've experienced together, that I had not thought of like Penne Rustica from Macaroni Grill and the wonderfully, sinful, comforting, melt in your mouth blondie brownie with a sweet, warm, buttery sauce from Applebees. This is not fair. I've gone way past 10. Maybe you guys will do better sticking to the directions!! If my friends weren't so wonderful, I would never experience this kind of food, and then I'd never know! Oh well, such is life, right girls?

Robin said...

MMmmmm, you need to bring #1 to church one Sunday morning!


Daggum, we could share a lot of meals/snacks :).