Sunday, February 17, 2008


What a wet Sunday we're having here in Tennessee!! We must find something to humor ourselves for sure!

Remember today is the day you humor me with your clean, funny jokes, something else you'd like to share, something cool and/or interesting you overheard this week, etc.

Remember Art Linkletter, author and former talk show host of Kids Say the Darndest Things? No, I wasn't around when the book first came out, but I've seen old clips of the shows and I have two of his books, and I think some of the segments on the comments some of the kids made were really cute and funny. I'll share some with you for old times sake...

Art asked a girl named Catherine(aged 11), on the issue of dating:
"Catherine, what do you think of going steady at the age of 11?"
"I definitely don't believe in it."
"Why not?"
"You can't marry him, so why bother?"
Spoken like a huntress!

Another one:
"Jo Ann, you're eleven. What do you think about going steady?"
"You shouldn't until you're at least thirteen or older. Otherwise, it's stupid," she says.
"I see. Do you go steady?"
"Why yes."

Here's a young lady, says Art, who reduces romantic problems to their fundamentals:
"Louise, what's your idea of a good husband?"
"Well, I think he ought to be a man."

Last one for today:
Art says six year old Steven is catching on in a hurry. Art asked him what he would do if a girl chased him, and he said that he would run.
Art: "But if she were pretty, Steve, would you still run?"
Steve: "Yes, but not too fast!"

Have a good Sunday you guys!!

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evilwoman said...

I went to my nieces' class valentine's day party Friday. I picked up Melaney the oldest and went to get Amy the youngest. A young boy in Amy's class stood beside her and started telling me how much he liked Amy. I interjected, "She's cute isn't she?" to which Amy stumped her little foot at me in embarrassment. Melaney chimed in with, "And she's bossy too." Now Amy really let loose tearing off across the room. The whole time the young boy just stood there smiling until Amy walked off. Then he said, "And I like her shoes too." This young man will make a great husband someday.