Saturday, February 9, 2008

So Where Are We Going Anyway?

We're all headed somewhere, but did you know that we're on the same road? If you know the story of the conversion of Saul in Acts chapter 9 in the Bible, you know that he and a few accomplices were on the way to Damascus to secure more of those peculiar people that he intended to rid the world of, but something life-changing happened. Saul, later Paul, was an enemy of the Most High, saved that day by grace and some supernatural process. His transformation happened at some particular point on the road, but obviously, when he started out, salvation was not his. It is also obvious to the reader that at any and every point, immediately beyond the transformation, he would never be the same as before. He was forever changed, or rather, his life was exchanged for the life of Christ that now indwelt him. When he died, he had assurance that he would live forever with Jesus. That ended his earthly journey, but life didn't end here for Paul.

This Damascus Road experience is a picture of where we all are, just at one point or another. A road goes somewhere and if we're breathing, we're all on a journey. So the question is, where are we all going on this road anyway?

A road has bumps, twists, turns, forks, shortcuts, surprises; the list can go on an on. How we travel it and what direction we take is our choice. But there is an earthly end to whatever direction on the road we choose.

Let's do a little brainstorming or imagining for a moment. Where would you like your travels to end? What does your mind conjure up? Is there a sure route and way that ensures we get to the best end, that will lead to the best life? I'll tell you for me, I don't like surprises when it comes to the end result. I WANT TO KNOW! Before I go on, let me answer the last question here. (For those of you who already know the answer, just journey with us, thank God, and read on:)) The answer is an emphatic YES! I won't summon the sermon, but take some time to either read for the first time or reflect again upon John 3:16. In fact, I would encourage you to read the entire book or Gospel of John. It delivers an unmistakable message of love and the "end result." Who doesn't want to know what love really is and what's love got to do with it?

Now I'll answer the important question asked earlier, where are we all going anyway? We start out traveling together, same direction. Then, there will appear a two-way fork in the road, both paths offering an "eternal living arrangement." (You did know you'd be somewhere eternally didn't you?) Put simply, one is the worst case scenario and the other is the best case scenario. We are constantly being bombarded with the ways and means to get to either place, so we won't be surprised how we got there in the end. Believe it or not, heaven is real, and so is hell. One offers worship of and constant fellowship with the lover of our souls, perpetual peace, active living, privileges and duties that you earned because of your obedience and good works on the road, perks like your own mansion:), life with those that are lovely and like-minded, and the promise of no more suffering (pain, death, sorrow, etc.) among other wonderful things. The other place offers perpetual suffering and active, eternal dieing...PERIOD! Isn't it strange and scary to think that you can actively remain in a state of dieing...eternally? Just the thought of that...I shudder to think...

This blog was created for all of us on the road, no matter what point we're at. I want us all to get to the right place from here, starting from the location we all are individually, right now. There is only one direction He lovingly would have us all go in. There is only one right fork. We'll see and experience different things as we go (we'll talk about them too), but if you believe and make the decision, if you pick up promises along the way, if you can just see heaven in view on the road, a short distance off, if you choose life and let God choose your rewards for the end of your earthly travels, we WILL surely get "there." By the way, we're not on our own timing; we're on God's, and we don't know when He will meet us at our personal end, so we'd better get started.

It's going to be nice traveling with you on this road, my friend. Come now. Go with me. Follow me, only as I follow Christ. "The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--of cabbages--and kings--and why the sea is boiling hot--and whether pigs have wings." (Lewis Carroll)


Tamara said...

I think your blog is great! The "where there is", was excellent! Your are full of stuff, but if writing is your thing then this is right for you. Your are full of surprises , NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

Peculiar said...

Well thank you so much Tamara. We'll see, I guess, if writing is my thing. I hope you get to stop by often.