Friday, August 1, 2008


For Friday Fun days, I usually do Pensieve's Poetic License or Pensieve's 40 Words or Less Photo Challenge, or I post about something fun, usually with the family. I try to come up with fun things either I've done that you might like to try or things I'd like for us all to try, that will encourage "together" time with the family, while having loads of fun.
Not today. Now don't get me wrong, I want to have fun, but not in the usual ways I mentioned. Today, I just want to read The Power of The Blood of Jesus by Andrew Murray and The Believer's Armor by John MacArthur (can you tell I'm gearing up for a missions trip?). I just want my books and my green tea and the sounds of my babies around me, doing their thing until I join them for some FUN! I have no idea what fun thing I will do with them today, but it will be good.
Today, fun for me is NOT being at my computer (after posting this, that is). It is knowing in my mind that I have no appointments today, I'm not playing taxi driver for the kids (in fact, I didn't keep the van today, so I CAN'T go anywhere...AND I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!), knowing that the weekend is coming (and I blog less toward the weekend) and it's just me and Daddy and the kids and whatever strikes our fancy. We have no obligations this weekend. This is huge! We're staying home...or going somewhere, but WE DON'T HAVE TO BE THERE!! This is going to be so much fun!! I'm getting more excited by the minute. I can feel the pages of my books turning in my hand already. I can see myself engrossed and hearing the voice of God through what He has allowed these men to write. I'm going to chew on the meat and spit out the bones, as they say.
Well folks, I'm off, off my computer for the day, off this chair in front of it, off to my couch, off in the pages of my books. Oh yeah, before that, I need to be off to the kitchen to boil water for my tea. Can't leave that out. Pray that I have a very fruitful day and that God is glorified! You have a fun Friday too. I MAY post something tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll be back Monday.
BTW, unless I can get hold of a laptop computer while I'm gone (Missions trip is Aug. 7-10) to post you missions updates, happenings, and prayer requests, I'll be out of commission for those 4 days. Pray that we're right in the middle of God's will for the days we'll be in New Orleans (some really "dark" areas there, that need the light of Jesus so badly).
Be back soon.

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Blessed One said...

Good for you, taking a computer break. I love those special reading times that I can steal periodically. I'm happy that you're having a relaxed and "down" sort of day w/ no crazy running around. I hope you have a delightful weekend! Blessings!