Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Simple Woman's Writing Post--In Circles

If you're looking for my TT list, scroll down one post. It's there, so don't go away. This post is about the title mentioned above.

I'm so excited!! I've been reading over at for a while (Peggy's place), and when I go there, I just want to read and absorb forever, but, I never paid attention to her newest endeavor, something I love very much.

Those of you who know me know that I love lost artforms like writing letters and notes longhand, sending letters via snail mail instead of email (I do email, but only because people wouldn't write me back if I mailed snail mail, and it's quicker, and it's how EVERYONE seems to communicate these days, etc.), sewing, using a quill pen on pretty paper, etc. Well, Peggy has come up with this great idea--The Simple Woman's Writing Post for all of those who...well, let me let Peggy herself ask you:

Do you enjoy keeping the lost arts?Do you enjoy getting mail that is special?Do you enjoy using pretty papers and pens?Do you enjoy using the "art of the long hand"?Do you enjoy meeting other women?Do you remember the "round robin" letters from girlfriends?Do you enjoy finding that "just right" card to put in the mailbox?If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may enjoy the *new* "Simple Woman's Writing Post"...I am planning on creating a network of sorts where women can mail pretty letters or cards to another.

Now ladies (sorry if there are any guys reading), you must know how totally excited I got when I read her post and invitation to join. My creative juices started to flow and I can just picture myself taking part in something that I have loved and longed for, for so long. Peggy, what a wonderful idea!! I still write letters to people long hand (ones who appreciate it), I send notecards and thank you notes whenever I get a chance and it's appropriate, I like meeting other like-minded, creative, and joyful women, and I love getting mail in the mailbox. Who doesn't?!! This project was right up my alley!!

Well, don't let me be the only one to enjoy this. If you're interested, click on Peggy's link above and sign up. The deadline is Sunday, Aug. 17th, so hurry!! I hope you get to read my post before then. Peggy has listed all of the guidelines, etc. on her blog as well. Read very carefully, so you'll know what to do.

Let's bring back those wonderful, beautiful lost artforms together and enjoy them once again...or for the first time for some of you! Blessings!!


MyJourneyBack said...

Hi. I just came over to thank you for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment. Thank you for your encouraging words! They Bless.
I emailed Peggy about this too. I hope it comes together. I didn't post about it yet though. I think it is a wonderful opportunity!
I am going to read your Thankful post.
Again, thanks for coming by.

Linda said...

I was looking at that button on SW and didn't know what to do. So I will be able to follow your lead. Thanks.

Thank you for your lovely comments as well.