Monday, August 25, 2008

My Daybook entry--August 25, 2008

My daybook entry is below. Please join Peggy, the creator of The Simple Woman's Daybook, and others at her website, This is a meme that happens at her site every Monday. Be sure to tune in or start your own entry of TSWD. I was so excited about it, I thought I'd use Peggy's ideas to create something similar (not online, but at home in journals) for my pre-teen and teenage girls.

For today August 25, 2008

Outside my window I see pouring rain. We've had rain for two days now, but we need it. It looks dreary, so the only thing that makes me happy when I look out is knowing we need the rain and that God sends it.

I am thinking of completing a workable homeschool schedule for the girls. We've been doing some trial and error schedules until we see what fits all of us, and I think we've found something that might work.

I am thankful that I'm finally over (or mostly) that nasty virus that I picked up and suffered through all of last week. Thank you Jesus!

From the kitchen, I see that everyone is finished with breakfast. One of my girls had simple cereal and milk, the other had rice and ketchup (I know, it's gross to me too, but she and my boys love this combination), and I had my usual bowl of oatmeal. I love oatmeal!

I am wearing jogging pants (gray w/white stripes down the side), a white t-shirt, my white satin slippers, and a white cotton scarf on my head. I feel comfortable.

I am creating a science curriculum for my girls, for this year. I found lots of resources that I like, so instead of buying a ready-made science curriculum, I'm creating one.

I am going nowhere today, but I have errands all the rest of this week. I'd better get my rest today huh?

I am reading no book outside of the Bible right now, although I've got plenty of books I'd like to finish or start on. I've been enjoying going to sleep some nights, praying and reading the Psalms.

I am hoping that the groups that I will start teaching at church and the group I have outside of church goes well, that people grow in the Lord, and that God is pleased. I pray that I'm in His will to be doing these things right now. I am also hoping and praying, if God will it so and provides, to go on another mission's trip in mid to late November.

I am hearing the complaints and pleadings of my daughter who has forgotten one of her spelling words and is taking a spelling/vocabulary test, and is afraid that she is going to fail it because, this week, she only had 7 words and she knows that the fewer words you have, the more points will be taken off. She wants me to let her think, and think, and think...and we've wasted too much time already. Her test can't go on all day. She doesn't like bad grades. Praise God for that, but...

Around the house, the floor needs to be vacuumed in the living room and hallway, but otherwise, it's good. It just looks dreary inside because of the dreariness outside and not much light pouring in. We'll have to make ourselves merry today:)

One of my favorite things is to know that we've gotten all that we possibly can, accomplished in the home and homeschool that day, that we haven't wasted time and have had good discipline, but without feeling overbearing and over-regimented.

A few plans for the rest of the week: looking over lessons for a church class I'll help teach, looking over more Ancient Greek history for the girls' History class, making sure I've got all of the books off the shelf that need to go back to the library, making plans to study the Word in-depth this week and not just surface level, and looking over my own private Greek language lessons.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

These are my sisters. I introduced myself in a picture last week, and this week, I'm introducing my sisters, who were the maid and matron of honor in my wedding. Don't they look BEAUTIFUL?!! I miss them. That's another reason that they are my picture thought for today. The one on the right is having a baby any day now (this picture is 2 years and 3 months old), boy #3, and the other is working and raising a family. She (on the left) and her husband have 3 children. She got saved earlier this year and she is diligently seeking after the Lord and trying to raise her children in the admonition of Christ. For a while, my sisters and I had the same amount of children, the same genders. Then when I got married 2 years ago, I added a girl to my brood and obviously, my number count changed. I was the oddball after all that time of being the same. Now that my youngest sister is having another, she will join me, a woman of 4! I will no longer be the oddball. But does that mean that there is a baby in my oldest sister's future now? Ha!! She would say an emphatic NO!! She'll let the youngest and I have that all by ourselves. No competition there!!

Have a blessed Monday and thanks for joining me.

The addition: From the learning rooms, my girls are diligently working, even right now, on their version that I created for them of The Simple Woman's Daybook. They are quiet and contemplative. They love that I created something like this for them (not Peggy's work, but as mentioned above, something similar, for my girls' journaling time at home). It was with teen and pre-teen girls in mind, because that's what I have.


Earthmommy said...

We had a rainy day here too, but we really need it too. My oldest daughter will sit there forever on tests too if I let her. : )

Crystal said...

I found you via Simple Woman - and I'm glad I did! I love the picture of you and your sisters - you are all so beautiful. Have a great week with your girls and homeschooling.

Gayle said...

I wish that I had the means to visit you and your family (silently) for a day or two. I read what you say (and so many others), and I wonder how it is possible to be so calm, so organized and get so much accomplished. The lessons, the Lord, the can it be done?

A happy heart at home said...

I enjoyed reading your Daybook. You all are beautiful! Congratulations to all for the children.


A happy heart at home said...

Thank you for your comment on my Daybook and for your prayers for our homeschool year. I pray you have a good school year, too. I thank God for His grace through all the changes we're experiencing! He is sooo good!


Peculiar said...

Earth Mommy, you see what I mean then, don't you? We just have to put a limit on how long we're going to let them dawdle on one subject. Sweet things that they are. What can we say:)

Crystal, thanks so much for the compliment. I'm glad you stopped by too. Come back by any time.

Hey Gayle, I answered to your comment at your blog. I hope you stop by again. Like you, there are so many women in blogland whose homes and minds I wish I could stop over in, and absorb some of their wonderful organization and creativity skills. We do what we can though, don't we?

Susan, thanks for stopping by. I'm reading about how so many of us are gearing up for another school year, whether homeschool or other. We're all praying for a successful year. I pray that the Lord is in our children's thoughts, minds, hearts, and school work as they go along. It's so important to the real success of the school year.