Friday, August 15, 2008


Oooh Robin, you snake handler. I never knew!! Just kidding, but Robin over at is playing around again. This time with snakes. Okay, she's really not a snake handler and probably not a snake lover, but she's holding two harmless snakes that are pets of a friend of hers, so, she decided to submit a photo of her and "them" for this week's 40 words or less photo challenge. Me...,I never would have thought to want to do this and then have someone take a picture. While I'm not afraid of snakes, I don't want to play with them either. Seeing them in nature (slithering AWAY from me) and behind the glass at the zoo is enough for me. Go over to Robin's place to get the official rules if you want to play along, or if you just want to read others' submissions. Mine is below the picture. Thanks for stopping by.

I may be woman, but you're not fooling me.
My name's not Eve, and I've got your number.
Mary is more my character, by the grace of God.

Look, He has you wrapped around His fingers.
Who's your Daddy boys!!


Adena said...

ewwww....I HATE snakes, can barely even look at the pic. We have black racers here in Fl, they are harmless thank God, but I've seen three within a few feet of me. YUCK! Thanks for visiting my blog, Homeschool HomeEc during the Bloggy Giveaway. I have addressed your question in today's post.

karisma said...

I have to admit to being a little scared of snakes myself. Im hoping to find some beauty in this one. Hmmm! Your words have got me thinking! Very quirky response! Well done!

Patrice said...

Love your response!! AMEN!!

Robin (PENSIEVE) said...


Those snakes are Paige's! Her kids love 'em! And actually, they don't freak me out a bit because I KNOW they're "safe".

And if you're callin' me "Mary", well, now...THAT'S a first, but it sure is a nice thing to say. Then again, you might just be saying it in general, which is alright, too. Your last two lines cracked me up.

Gosh, I smile every time I pop in :).