Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Award to Humbly Accept

Linda, at Remote Treechanger ( has thought enough of me and my writing to award me the Share the Love Award. This will be the second of this particular award given to me, and again, I humbly, humbly accept. It is so hard for me to accept an award of any kind. I had read someone else's blog where she writes that she doesn't accept awards because she may have to deal with pride and she writes for the glory of God. This caused me to think. Here's what I concluded after thinking about that and talking with another blogger about it: I may have pride issues somewhere, but I don't in the way of being awarded one of the blog awards. I don't think more of myself when I receive them. In fact, I'm usually quite surprised that someone thought that my work was good enough to deserve one. As I've stated before many times, I only started blogging as an outlet for me and didn't think, because I wasn't one of the "big time" bloggers, that anyone would even read mine. I feel even more humbled when I receive comments because that tells me that someone is actually stopping by reading. My thoughts, in the beginning were, "if someone reads my posts...fine, and if they don't...well, I was just doing this just to be doing it anyway." Now, though, I'm more conscious of what I write because I realize that people are reading.

All this to say, thanks big time, Linda, for thinking of this "little time" blogger!! Receiving it in no way puffs me up, but causes me to be abased. It causes me to glorify and exalt the Lord even the more, because He gives me any gifts or abilities I have or the mind that I have.


Front Porch Legacy said...

To God be the GLORY!!!
Congratulations to you both!

Peculiar said...

Front Porch Legacy, AMEN!! And thanks.