Thursday, August 28, 2008


So Robin, the inventor and sponsor of the PPL (Pensieve's Poetic License) says this:
"Oh, how I hope you've written a back-to-school poem for Pensieve's Poetic License! If you haven't already, it's never too late! This month's theme--"back to school"--could lead you in a thousand directions, and for once, you have freedom to choose poetic form!
Don't believe the lie you can't write poetry! My heart melts when writers step outside their respective comfort zones to tip-toe on uncertain ice, only to find the footing is more sure than they anticipated."
Okay, ladies (and possibly gentleman), what are you waiting for? I'll go first, and then, I expect for you to try your hand at it:). Go over to when you finish reading mine and see others' poetry submissions. I'm not sure if mine is even an official, recognized poetic form (although I can do those), but it rhymes. Works for me. Enjoy.
Just when I thought I was rid of one,
I get a another high schooler "for fun."
Then look around, a middle schooler. That's great!
One in fourth too--just my fate!
So, one out who should be in college,
Hopefully, he'll increase his knowledge.
Oh, I forgot. He already knows more than me.
After all, he's eighteen, you see.
Then there's Public School Pete,
Where our tax dollars pay for his seat
That he'd better stay in, and to his teachers listen,
Before we make that "back end" of his glisten!
That means we're left with two girls at home.
Where the Mommy Teacher doth roam.
Making sure they learn this, that, and the other,
And if they don't get it, we go no further.
We've got kids going in every direction.
I'm afraid of an insurrection!
I'm hearing "we've got fees for this and that."
Over my ears I want to pull my hat!
I may even hear, "Mom, let's leave the boys,
And home, and all the toys
For a homeschool field trip. Yeah, that's it.
Meaning at the park we'll skip, talk, and sit."
"Girls, don't give away our secret. Don't tell.
A rat the boys will smell.
They'll think we're not serious in our "learning,"
Our education we're not earning."
Whether it's home, college, or public schooling,
With our education, we're not fooling.
It's learning time, my dear, sweet babies.
Oh no, I don't mean maybes!
So let's pray and ask God to impart
His wisdom to us as we start.
I pray for a great school year for all,
While another round gets started this fall.
Have a wonderfully fun-filled Friday!
(Sorry folks. This wasn't supposed to be all run together, with no spaces in between the stanzas in the poem, but I tried to space while typing, tried to go into "Edit Html," you name it, and couldn't get this thing to double space, or I couldn't figure it out. If you know me, by now you know about my lack of computer skills.)


lissa said...

I like the rhyming, it's always hard to rhyme so I applaud your effort, I took the easy way and did free verse

thanks for your visit, I really appreciate it

Stephen said...

Very nice! (And thanks for the kind comment about my little pensieve.)

e-Mom said...

Hey, you had some fun with this! Great job. Can you believe it's back to school time already??? :~D