Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm playing along with Kristen at Taste Buds ( and a couple of her friends as they each post 6 quirky things about themselves. It's fun and neat to see what's really, shall we say, "peculiar" about our personalities. Maybe some of our friends and family know some of these things about us, but then again...maybe they don't:) So what's up with me? Can I be labeled quirky because:

1) I love tea, but only if it's hot and mostly if it's green. I hate iced tea and always have (and I'm from the South where this stuff runs in your veins). I'm not a real big fan of black tea, even if it's warm, but I can tolerate it. Green, white, and oolongs are my favorite.

2) I can't drink milk and couldn't, even as a baby, yet I can eat other dairy products with no problem, like sour cream, cheese, ice cream, butter, etc. They don't make my tummy hurt, but straight milk does.

3) I get cold, even in the hottest part of the summer. I only get hot (to the point it's uncomfortable) after I've stayed out in really high temps for longer than most people could tolerate. I freeze in my own house with the AC on, but so that I won't burn everyone else up, I just keep out my little throw blanket. I sleep under a sheet, a blanket, and a comforter year round.

4) I eat oatmeal or cream of wheat every single morning. Rarely do I change that habit. I like them a lot, and I need them too.

5) I can cook and bake very, very well, but don't like doing it. I'd rather do things outside, ministry work, things with the kids, do all of the laundry, or study, than cook or bake. I love my own food; I just hate to take the time it takes to prepare and cook it. I cook out of necessity, not because I want to. The kitchen is my least favorite room in the house. I'm not a bigger eater either, so I guess that doesn't help.

6) While most women love to shop, I do not, or at least not regularly. I don't have to hit the shops or the malls weekly, like some feel compelled to do. Like cooking, I shop out of necessity...usually (sometimes if I'm out and I find a smart deal I can't pass up, I get it, if it's in the budget). I do not like malls much at all. I do like to find good deals on my families clothes and shoes, but I like to find it, get in, and get out. I like quality items and mostly timeless clothing (I try not to do trendy--in today, out tomorrow), but they don't need to cost a fortune. I won't pay full price for anything we wear.

So, is that stuff quirky or what? You be the judge. I don't mind. I know I'm a little "different."

Hope you had fun. Hop on over to Kristen's and see what she and her friends had to say. Enjoy their lists.


Blessed One said...

What fun! I may just have to copy this idea to use for my own. The one thing you mentioned that we definately have in common, is the dislike for shopping and buying classic rather than trendy clothes. Thanks for sharing these fun, and quircky, things about you!

Kristen Schiffman said...

Right off the bat we have a few things in common: I eat oatmeal every morning. Delicious! I'm not a milk fan. I adore tea - though Irish Breakfast for me. AND I am always cold!

Adding you to the list.

Such fun!

LauraLee Shaw said...

I also hate to shop! ;) The question is, do you like coffee, or just tea?

BTW, I mentioned you on my blog today. I hope you don't blessed me!

Anonymous said...

Hey, YOU! You won a Meghan Rose book (YEAH), but you left me no way of contacting you! :-(
Could you drop me an email?
In Him,
psalm25v4 at msn dot com

Peculiar said...

Tracy, thanks for stopping by. Wasn't this fun? You should use this idea. Your readers will enjoy it.

Kristen, thanks for the idea. I had fun reading the posts on your blog with this feature and I had fun doing mine. We sound as if we have a lot in common huh?

LauraLee, I do enjoy a gourmet cup of coffee every now and then, although I much prefer tea over coffee. I can drink tea everyday, whereas I enjoy coffee as a treat only a few times a year (maybe 3). Ironically, my husband has to have a cup of coffee every morning, but he'll drink tea with me in the evenings.

Thank you for mentioning me on your blog today. I went by there and left you a post. I am so grateful and honored and humbled. You just don't know.

Christina, thanks. My daughter will be thrilled with the Meghan Rose book. Glad I won! I've sent you an email.

Anonymous said...

I eat oatmeal almost every morning, too! And I hate milk, but love (and I mean LOVE) cheese.

Fun list!