Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's that time again, time for me to let you in on what you can save on in the month of August. You do like to save, don't you? That savings and financial expert Ellie Kay suggests you purchase the following in the month of August, and you can save big. She should know. It's her job to sniff out proven savings routinely, and share with others. So where can you save a buck or two?
This month, buy your...
bathing suits
fresh vegetables
kids' clothing
new cars
patio and lawn furniture
pens, pencils, paper
summer footwear
towels and linens
swing sets
...and you should be be able to put back a few coins in the old piggy bank.
Okay, I've got to go back to making up a story that uses the words from the list above. It's usually just a made-up story about savings that I like to entertain (I mean bore) you with. I didn't do it the last couple of savings posts (you're probably glad), but I thought I'd do it again. At least, I enjoy it. So let me get my entertainment on, will ya?!! Okay, so here it goes:
As I was sweeping my new rugs, purchased at rock bottom prices from a local dealer, I noticed that I needed to throw my linens and towels in the wash. Oh, I must tell ya, they're my new towels from one of the department stores in the mall. But I've got to admit, I didn't even pay half for them. I was so proud of myself! Mean time, in come the girls in their bathing suits and summer footwear from the local, super discount store, and they were dripping all over my new rugs! I immediately sent them to put on one of their new kids' clothing items that I had purchased, on sale too, mind you, from the same discount store as the bathing suits.
Once my chores were done, I asked the girls if they wanted to accompany me to the local produce market (in our new car that we saved $5000.00 on, I don't mind telling you, because we waited for the right time and asked a lot of questions) to buy fresh vegetables. The farmer at the market was supposed to be getting ready to discount everything and sell all in preparation to close the market down for the rest of the year. We were excited! On our way to the market though, we got sidetracked. Out in front of the super discount store, there was a gentleman holding a sign letting passersby know that the store had a clearance in the toys section of the store. This included swing sets among other forms of entertainment for kids. I got to thinking, I could purchase gifts ahead of time and put them in my gift closet at home. We could even buy a swing set for the girls, set it up, and let them enjoy the rest of the summer at home.
After so much shopping, we were tired, as you can imagine. We even picked up things while out, that were on our "to get" list that we almost forgot about, like more back-to school stuff. What was I thinking?!! We needed that stuff! School was about to start. How could I have forgotten?! We got home and I couldn't make it into the house, so I just plopped down on the patio furniture that my sweet husband had just put together. He was proud of himself for the deal he got on it and I was happy to see it welcoming me to take a rest on it.
Well, for the rest of you who had a less busy day, happy shopping!!!

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