Thursday, August 21, 2008

And yet another award to more humbly accept!

Can you believe it?!! If you can, I certainly can't! Another award! Lord, only you knew! Robin, at, has thought enough of this relatively new blogger to pass along this award. Let me just add, Robin is the reason that I'm blogging in the first place, but, she is so much more advanced and so much more popular in the blog world, that I can't believe that I would be one of her considerations. She had so many more, she says, that she could have chosen from, yet she still thought that I, as well as 6 others, deserved this award. I'm so thankful...still surprised,...but thankful. I just humbly accept this award also. Guys, it's an "I love your blog" award! Somebody likes and respects what God has enabled me to do!! Woohoo!! Go God!

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