Thursday, June 19, 2008


(for most of us anyway)

For this Thursday potpourri, let's talk about the long-awaited vacation you're about to go on soon or the one you've already had, although it's still early in the season. Some of my friends have already gone on their summer vacation, believe it or not, and they will spend the rest of the summer home with the kids or doing the local scene. So, leave me a comment and/or send me a picture and tell me about the great plans you have for summer, or how the vacation you've already been on turned out. It'll be fun to read about new or familiar places. We'll all share in your fun in the sun!!

As for us, uhhh, maybe we'll go to Memphis (our usual hang-out because family is there), and maybe we'll be blessed to add on a surprise or two for the kids this year. We actually don't have anything set in stone yet. Surely no one else out there reading this will find themselves in this same predicament. Already having plans is much much better:) Whenever something gets moving here though, I'll be sure to write about it and tell you, and add pictures. Have fun and don't forget your sunblock!

The picture above is colonial Williamsburg.

All pictures from Family Vacations

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