Thursday, June 19, 2008


All right, Laura Salas over at has a photo challenge that's just for fun. So why not give it a try?! Here are the simple, simple guidelines:

New to 15 Words or Less Poems? This does not need to be "good" poetry. No pressure here. For me, it's just a quick way for me to focus on something in my immediate surroundings every day and try to see it in a new way. It does not have to rhyme. It does not have to be poetic. What does it have to be? 15 Words or Less! The title, if you title it, doesn't count toward your 15 words. So, jump in and give it a try. Look at this week's post (photo below) and see what hits you. You can be moody, funny, serious, observant, whatever you want! How hard can it be? I spend 5 minutes or less per day on it. And if I can overcome my fear of sharing horrible, clumsy, pedantic, lousy pictures and poems, you can, too! If we share enough of them, it will be exhilarating instead of embarrassing!
Go to Laura's website (link above) and see how you can play!

And now, here is my thought or take on the picture:

Someday, I'll rise

Out of my fetal position.

I'll be able

To face the world.

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