Friday, June 13, 2008


Folks, I knew I had to join this week's 40PC. Just check out the picture below. YUMMY!! Robin just asks that we look at her submitted photo, think about what comes to mind when we see it, and then write 40 words or less in a caption, phrase, title, poem, short story, whatever, about the photo. If you want more details and to see what others have said about the photo, hop on over to and join in the fun!! In the meantime, look below the picture for what I have to say about it. Too bad when we see the photo of corn on the cob, we have to limit it to 40 words. Lord, I could say "yummy" 40 times and still feel like I need to say it more. My family and I love corn on the cob!

Betty said you'd better butter those babies before I become bitter over Buster betting that Bobby could eat them before me, Betty, who believes that beautiful, hot, buttered corn is better than butter pecan bites in blustery Buffalo.

Don't ask me where this story came from in my head or why this form of poetry popped up, but I just attribute it to the fact that once I saw this picture, I just lost my mind!


Erin said...

How fun! Love that alliteration!

Robin said...

Ok, you alliterator, you! Fantastic, Peculiar! This just oozes with buttery goodness, even if you just mention "corn" once ;).

Great job, as usual, Chicka :)

Tami said...

LOVE it...!! Im still laughing.. and have visions of rubber baby buggy bumpers dancing in my head!

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical!

karisma said...

Oh that was lots of fun! Bravo!

storyteller said...

What a wonderful alliterative response to this week’s 40PC! Well done ;--)

Mine’s at Sacred Ruminations today.
Hugs and blessings,

Peculiar said...

Erin, thank you. I had fun doing this.

Robin, thanks girlie. I love alliteration. It's so fun.

Tami, don't you just love using the alliterative form? It's so fun and...funny. Thank you.

Kelly, I'm a nut. What can I say? Thanks for stopping by.

Karisma, this was lots of fun to do. Thank you.

Storyteller, I just couldn't come up with anything else in my mind except alliteration so... I went with that. It's so fun to me. I'm headed over to look at everybody's now.

Tammy said...

hee hee! great alliteration!

Peculiar said...

Tammy, thank you. Glad you visited.