Friday, June 6, 2008



If you know me, it's all about tea and poetry...well not all, but I do love these two thing a lot!! When given the opportunity to do at least one of them, I jump at it! Look out below for details of June's Poetic License info. from Robin (who is always challenging us to do something; she's cool like that!) at Send some traffic and interest her way by clicking on the link. She'll be glad you stopped by. Anyhooty, she says:

This month's poetic form, Diamante, is Italian in origin, it's a simple, seven-line formula, and when it's complete, it will have the shape of a diamond (if centered). It's an easy exercise in writing poetry, and if you're a fan of haiku or cinquain, diamante is reminiscent of those forms.
Begin with a subject, in line four you'll transition using two words to describe its opposite, and the last line will be a single word for the subject's opposite.
As for this month's theme, once again, you have two choices: the great outdoors or emotions. If you're feeling particularly diamante-prolific, write two!

two adjectives describing the subject
three words ending in "ing" telling about the subject
four words, first two describe subject, last two describe its opposite
three words ending in "ing" telling about the opposite
two adjectives describing the opposite


Jittery, Nervous
Waiting, Watching, Thinking
Nerves, Stress, Tranquil, Bliss
Praying, Meditating, Wishing
Practical, Effective

Another one from me:


Green, Woody

Growing, Spreading, Hiding

Dark, Alive, Concrete Structures

Building, Housing, Rising, Surviving

Gray, Cold



(Side note: Apparently, I don't know what I'm doing I typed my diamantes in a diamond shape; they wouldn't post that way. I even re-edited them twice and space-barred them over back into place, and they still wouldn't save or post in the shape I put them in. Either it's this Blogger program or, more likely, me and my blogging ignorance. I apologize, but hope you like the diamante attempts I made anyway.)


Tami said...


WOW.. I actually "FeLT" this one.. know what I mean? Like body jerking, hard blinking, breath catching.. FeLT..


Inheritor of Heaven said...

I like these ... a lot. I sort of disagree on the city aspect but I suppose it is in what one is used to.

Jana said...

Very nice job! I like your choices of subjects!

Kathleen Marie said...

Wonderful poems. Very encouraging :)

Peculiar said...

Tami, thanks. Robin always says that I write with lots of feeling. I usually don't notice it until after I'm done writing it and read it to myself. Then, I feel it. Don't know how it happens, but thanks again.

Inheritor of Heaven, thank you for reading mine. My part of the city isn't quite like this either, but I've seen cities that are, so I was going for what I knew to be stark contrast based on my outside experience.

Thanks Jana. Appreciate you stopping by.

Kathleen Marie, I suppose the one of hope is very encouraging. Thank God for hope huh? Thank God there is a flip side to despair and the like.

Brandon Satrom said...

Very nice poems, thanks for sharing!

Oh, and you make those diamond-shaped by viewing the HTML for your post in Blogger and adding <"center"> before the poem and <"/center"> right after. Take out the quotation marks though, that was the only way blogger would let me post the actual tags.

I hope that helps!

Sandy said...

Terrific poems. Another way to diamond them? When you're in compose, highlight the poems and then click on the "center" edit button.

Peculiar said...

Brandon, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the blogging lesson. I sure need it. I still, after a few months of doing this, do not know what I'm doing.

Sandy, thanks to you too. And duh? I should have thought of that pretty simple centering solution. That one made more sense to me or seemed easier after I read it. Boy, I'll get this blogging thing together sooner or later won't I? Thank you and Brandon for the advice.

Robin said...

Hey Peculiar!!! I'm finally going through my list to visit everyone--my goal was to finish today, I wonder if I'm going to make it!

Looks like you've already been given the answers to your centering question :).

Your first poem is full of concrete descriptors; no wonder it's poetry that can be felt by your reader! I like that yu choose "hope" as the opposite of "anxious"; I might've gone with "calm" but you've brought in a spiritual dimension.

The second one? I can almost imagine walking along a path that begins in the forest and dumps you out in a busy city. See? I can SEE what you've described.

Great job, but I expected that from the likes of you, Missy! ;)

Peculiar said...

Robin, girl the centering thing--isn't that like me? Maybe by blogging year 5 (maybe..?), I'll do better than I do now.

Thanks for your thoughts and compliments. I appreciate hearing from you always. Thanks for running these bloggy challenges. I thoroughly enjoy them.