Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well, of course I'm going to tell ya. I consulted "old reliable," Ellie Kay, the savings and financial expert, to see how we can be good stewards of God's money this month. Here's what she found we can save on and the best month out of the year to buy these items:
Floor Coverings
While the list is small this month, it's pretty significant. Obviously if you plan on moving or building a new house, or just refreshing and renewing the one you have, June is a good month to do it. You can save on your large purchases by looking around, comparing prices, and buying this month. And now, my little "diddy" or story to go with this month's items (you know I always do this):
"Oh honey, I so love the new bedding we got. It's so luxurious and soft." "Thanks. I got it at that new store in the shopping center up the street. You know, next to Dale's Floor Coverings." "Oh yeah, speaking of Dale's Floor Coverings. I went by there, and the price to put in the new living room floor as compared to the larger DIY stores is too high. I can get the same flooring put in for $50.00 less per square foot." "Well, I'm glad you checked. BTW, I was thinking that we'd give our old furniture in the living room to a single woman or college student moving into their own apartment and put new furniture in after the floor is down, if we can find what we're wanting and can fit it in the budget of course." "Great idea. We'll look and then talk about it. Let's go look over the budget for the month again. Where we saved for the last 6 months on certain things, I can see where we may be able to squeeze in a much needed new refrigerator when we buy the furniture." "Hey, I see in the entertainment section of our budget we've accumulated a pretty decent amount. All this thinking and saving has made me hungry. Let's go out to eat tonight and catch a movie." "I'm all for it."
Have a great Saturday! Have fun, but stay within your budget (or means).

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