Saturday, June 14, 2008


What is one of your favorite attributes of God, and why?As individuals we all have unique qualities. It would make sense then that for each of us our FAVORITE attribute of God would be different. Some attributes to ponder would include:
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I chose God's HOLINESS. I'm in constant awe of His HOLINESS! Exodus 15:11 speaks of Moses and the sons of Israel giving much praise to God, who, in this passage tolerates no rivals among other Gods, and so defeated all the Gods of Egypt and their worshipers. He proved his faithfulnes, power, and holiness to the people. God's holiness should keep us from putting Him second, third, fourth, or somewhere besides number one in our lives as well. If we worship anything or anyone besides Him, we have sinned against a HOLY (sinless) God.

In Psalm 93:5 (author anonymous), the NLT version says "Your royal decrees cannot be changed. The nature of your reign, O Lord, is holiness forever." What God says (His statutes, His directives, His commands) cannot be changed. They are good and will last throughout the ages. God's nature, the way He rules even, is HOLY! He is Holy in His ways and in what He says. He cannot be wrong or make a mistake. Isn't that sweet assurance? We can trust His every Word. Holy is the Lord God Almighty!

In 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13, Paul admonishes them to increase and continue in love toward one another so that the Lord can establish (or set and strengthen) their hearts without blame (because we know that only Jesus can present us without blame) in holiness (the basic idea of holiness here is "set apart for God.") at the coming of the Lord. Oh, how I want to be presented HOLY (blameless, without spot or wrinkle) at the coming of the Lord!! I know in my own strength and power, this could never be, therefore I present myself to a Holy God so that He can do what only He can do.

I could go on and on about God's purity and HOLINESS, but there would never be enough room or time. He is righteous and just. He is worthy to be praised. He is worthy of all honor and glory. God is HOLY!!! No other false God, in our time, or times before, can claim all of the attributes and possess the total and complete holiness that our one and only true God does. Aren't you glad He chose you and you chose Him?


Rebecca said...

What a great post - I really lke how you put it at the end, "No other false God, in our time, or times before, can claim all of the attributes and possess the total and complete holiness that our one and only true God does." So very true!


a woman found said...

Holiness is not one of the charactistics of God that I ever appreciated and understood until recently. Not that I fully understand it now, but I have a taste of it. This "set-apart"-ness, is what allures me about Him. If He wasn't holy I wouldn't be drawn to Him. I mean, He could be nice and kind and forgiving...but if He was not "set apart", if He was like everyone else, I would have no hope of being rescued out of depravity of my humanity! It's the holiness of God that makes His vulnerable love so awesome and beautiful!

Meditating on the Holiness of God and the holiness He calls us to is something we all would do well to do!

bless you!

Peculiar said...

Rebecca, thank you for stopping by. Aren't you just in awe of such a holy God?!!

Sheila, who can really fully comprehend His holiness? It's just so awesome, our finite minds can't wrap itself around the real totality of His holiness, but, thank God His Word tells us how we can be Holy. You're right-meditating on His holiness, as best we can, and the holiness He calls us to would do us well--more than well. Thanks for stopping by.

Maisie said...

What a nice lesson on God's holiness. It sounds like you know much about this attribute of God. After doing this meme topic today, I realized that it would be good for me to study more about the attributes of God. There is so much more for me to learn and this would be a good way to get to know Him better.

curious servant said...

Visiting via Maisie's...

I said at her place it was His sharing/giving/community... the triune God thing.

Hope you don't mind my piping up.

Peculiar said...

Maisie, I love studying God's Word, so because of the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do that and my willingness to move forward in that, it's the only reason I know what little bit I do. My goal is to just try and believe Him at His every Word and make things I've learned from Him practical in my daily living. Me learning more about God means nothing if I don't take it to heart and live it out daily. I think we would all do well to study more of the attributes of God. We need to know as much about Him as our brains and hearts can contain. Thank you for stopping by.

Reader from Curious Servant (visiting via Maisie's), I don't mind you "piping up" at all. I appreciate you hopping over to my place. I pray you visit again and that I've got something to say that you might want to hear.

Laurie Ann said...

Recognizing God's holiness is something that I discovered when I began reading through the OT. I knew God was holy, but reading about it, especially during the building of the Tabernacle, was what really awed me. Great post! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. I'm glad you visited!