Friday, June 13, 2008


WANNA RECOGNIZE THE MAN IN YOUR LIFE? LET HIM AND OTHERS SEE HOW IMPORTANT AND APPRECIATED HE IS! is hosting a wonderful Father's Day recognition meme. Here's the details:

Welcome to the Heart of the Matter Online meme: Father's Day Edition. By the way, what exactly is a "meme"? Anyone care to explain this concept and its origin to us men?Anyway, today's theme is similar to the uber-popular Wordless Wednesday. We want to see your favorite picture of your husband and your kids, or your husband and yourself, or just your husband alone.If you do not have a blog, but would still like to share a picture, email us and we'll talk one of the lovely ladies into hosting it on their blog for you.Please link directly to your post. Failure to leave a direct link will result in the removal of your name from Mr. Linky.All participants of this photo meme will be entered to win a one year subscription to The Family Handyman Magazine. The "Family Handyman Magazine" is an indispensable guide to home improvement and repair. Fool proof, step-by-step photo instructions help amateurs turn out professional results on a wide variety of home projects. In every issue: Reviews of new products; using tools safely; auto and appliance repair and other handy hints.

Well, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to post a thought and picture of Honey, Daddy, My Man, our Priest, Protector, and Provider. He is all of that and more! We're proud of him and we thank God for him. He is a special gift to our family and all who know him. "Honey, thank you for being a man of God." We recognize and honor you this Father's Day and everyday. You're the Man!!


momtofivekids said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Nice to meet you! Great pic of you and your hubby!

Tammy said...

Thanks for sharing!

Peculiar said...

to you at momtofivekids, you are welcome. I enjoyed stopping by your blog. This is one of my husband's favorite pictures of us.

Tammy, you're welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

jamie in rose cottage said...

What a lovely photo! Thanks for sharing!

Peculiar said...

Jamie, thank you and thanks for stopping by.