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Okay, you guys know how I like Ellie Kay, the savings and financial expert, and her wonderful advice on how to be better stewards of God's money. She's got a book out that I want to recommend (the one pictured above obviously). I think you'll love it! I can't wait to get my copy! I already have her book called 1/2 Price Living- Secrets to Living Well on One Income, and it is a great, practical, can-do book. Ellie, as you may know, makes her living on showing and teaching others how to save, budget, shop, and invest. I've asked this a thousand times--who wouldn't want to save, budget, and spend their money wiser?

So anyway, what's up with the new book? Look out below!

A Tip a Day with Ellie Kay: 12 Months Worth of Money Saving Ideas
-$40,000 in consumer debt? Ellie was there and says, “Wipe it out!”-Up to 80 percent savings on groceries? You can do it!-Clothing and household goods at a fraction of the cost? Find out when they are cheapest.-Looking for that elusive nest egg? Ellie will help you find it without ruffling your feathers!
Saving money isn’t just about the dollars. It’s about the things in life your money touches-the products, the people, and the purpose. Saving more means more opportunity to give!
Ellie says: If you can save time while saving a cent, then there’s a greater reward for your effort. If you can save your marriage by learning to communicate about money, then you’ve preserved something priceless.
And if you can send resources to support a child in a third-world country, then you’ve saved something created in the image of God.
So what are you waiting for? Start saving today and every day with A Tip a Day!
Available at your favorite bookstore or Click here to order your book today!
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I absolutely could not wait to share with you this information about Ellie's new book.
I hope you learn to like and appreciate her and her wonderful, practical ideas and proven methods and tips as much as I do. Have a fruitful day!

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