Friday, June 20, 2008


Robin says: For Friday's 40-or-less Photo Challenge this week, share your response to this photo. You don't have to be literal, although that's fine, too. Does it make you think pollution? Needing to find a bathroom after drinking mass quantities of liquid? Can you see a spiritual correlation? Does a snappy caption come to mind? Are you challenged to step up your environmental stewardship? And, I dare anyone to wax poetic over TRASH!
Give it your best shot, post the photo (if you'd like) and a 40-or-less word post on your own blog, then link that post here on Friday. I can't wait to see your's always fun to see how similarly AND how differently we think.
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My thoughts are below the photo.

Let's put a ban
On those who miss the trash can
That's so obviously nearby.
So why
Was someone too lazy to hurl a little farther?
Maybe too tired after soccer?
Nevertheless, this is litter.
Litter makes me bitter.


Seeing this picture brings back to mind the little simple rhyme that you teach your kids at home or the teachers teach them in pre-school when you want them to help you tidy up their mess. You know the one...

Okay, I think I've gotten elementary enough. I shall sign off now. Enjoy everybody else's post. Maybe I'll be more creative next week.


Erin said...

Nice poem. As for Barney, I'd clean up just to get him to stop singing.

Peculiar said...

Erin, thanks, and that's funny. I think those might be a lot of people's sentiments. I almost forgot that started with Barney.

Tami said...

"Forrrr we are a chosen generationnnn... a royal priesthood.... an holy nationnnn... a peculiar people... who will show forth the praises of Himmmmmm... who hath called ussss out of darkness.. out of darkness.. OUT OF Darknessssss... into His marvellous liiiiIIIght.. into His marvelous lightttt!!!"

I Peter 2:9

Have you ever heard the song for that scripture Peculiar? I have it running through my head now~ :)

OH... I loved the posts too! I can relate, I sat this one out because my blood pressure got so high I couldn't think after seeing the picture! My dauther plays softball and I have many a day hollered at a bunch of ballplayers to get their mess cleaned up!!!

karisma said...

Around here its the beach that cops the litter, makes my blood boil. There are bins all along the beach quite close together. Every tourist season though we get trashed.

Peculiar said...

Tami, thanks for stopping by. I left a message back to you on your blog.

Karisma, when a trash bin is so obviously nearby, why would you just leave it on the ground? What's the deal?

Robin said...

Nicely done, Peculiar. What y'all couldn't see is that the can is actually overflowing--it wasn't that people were just littering. That being said, there probably was another trash can somewhere...but wouldn't you think they'd just bring in another since so much trash is generated??

Sorry it took me so long to get here...I think you know where I was and what I was up to ;).

(lol on the Barney song! You're crazy, girlieQ!)

Peculiar said...

I sort of guessed, when I finished writing (or typing) my poem that there was a possibility that the trash can was filled. But, I decided not to re-write or second-guess what I had already written.

Yes, Ms. Robin, I do know why it took you so long to respond, and based on where you were and what you were doing, I didn't expect you to. I'm sure you were more focused on getting good information at the writer's conference and having uhhhh...FUN!!

Glad you're back and thanks for stopping by.