Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I so crack up when people won't share things like INFORMATION, or recipes, or Biblical wisdom and knowledge, or where they purchased something. Now for the last item listed, I can understand this just a smidgeon because people don't want you to go out and buy something that they have, and then they come over and find it in your house. It somehow robs them of their "uniqueness" and individuality. You "copied" them. Heaven forbid!! Okay sarcasm aside, we all like to be different, and we all want to feel like we've discovered something or shown a piece of our personalities by acquiring something we'd like to think is unique and different...and...hopefully no one else has it. (I'm still cracking up:))

Even though it's obvious and common sense to know this, there are very few one-of-a-kind objects out there. I mean to find something and have it for yourself that no one else in the world (or at least close proximity) has is really rare, to say the least. I know some of you are thinking about at least the "close proximity" thing now. "Well, I know somebody might have one like me, but I've gone out of my way to ensure that it's rare enough that no one in my circle of friends has it. That way I won't 'happen' upon it." This is a crack up too because more than likely the people in your circle of friends shop at the same types/kinds of places you do, probably are in the same income bracket (so can afford it), and because you're friends, you probably have similar tastes. These are the people reading this that will go out of the state or country just trying to ensure that these friends have at least a "hard time" getting what they have. We're so funny as humans. I would say at this point, "Who cares? At least they think that you have great taste like they do, because you both thought to buy the same thing." Your house probably looks like theirs anyway, because "you're friends." You didn't think "unique" when you purchased a house in the same neighborhood because "you wanted to be just like them." What happened to "I want my own, original everything?" I'm not being smart, just realistic, observant, and having a blast watching and hearing people lately on this subject. (Don't get offended. I know that my comments don't speak for everyone and everyone's circumstance)

I was thinking too, that when you purchase things (you know, those unique, one-of-a kind things...sorry), did you see those 30 others of the same kind behind it? Even in the rarest cases, did you see the other 2 behind it? Somebody is going to have what you have! We can only combat this when we start creating and crafting things ourselves. I just wish I had the time...

And what of information? Who is information for? ANY AND EVERYBODY WHO WANTS OR NEEDS TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT SOMETHING OR SOMEBODY. Why do we not tell people things? Do we secretly want to be the only ones to know? Do we want to be the "learned, informed one"? Do we one to be "one-up" on somebody? What's the deal? Does it speak of an insecurity? Now, trade secrets in some cases, I can understand. But just general information...why do we want people to suffer or agonize over something that we can simply tell them? If we can do something well or we know a better way, why not share it? Even if you had to figure out things the hard way for yourself, why not vow to make life easier on someone else...JUST TELL THEM. Now, I know there are some exceptions to the rule here. There are some people who wouldn't look for any information on their own because they know somebody close to them will tell them. This is not the situation I'm talking about. Would we be better off taking some information to our graves (where we can do nothing with it, by the way) rather than share something that can help someone TODAY? Hmmm

Among women, especially in the past when women spent more time in the kitchen, recipe sharing was either really prevelant or really secretive. There were recipe swaps, cookbooks, etc. usually going on, but there were always those women who could not and would not give up "the family recipe" or their new creation. Again, if this were for business reasons or a trade secret (if it was all about the money, IOW), I can see that. But this was usually not the case. "I just didn't want Suzy to have my recipe. I want to be the only one with compliments at the potluck at church. I want people swooning over my stuff only!" I'm telling ya, we crack me up!! :) I wonder if we're secretly scared Suzy can "outcook" or "outbake" us, or make Aunt Smyrna's apple turnovers taste better than Aunt Smyrna did.

Last thing is the church or religious secrets. What of the Bible should be a secret to anyone? It's the one thing we ought to want to share with everyone, but listen people, I know people that for whatever reason won't share with you everything they have learned and won't even share with you techniques of learning the Bible that they have for fear that you might "know." You might surpass them in learning. There are Christian and religious leaders that won't even encourage you to read the Bible or whatever their "book" is because you might surpass them in knowledge. You might really learn something. You might see that they don't know what they "put on" to know. You might find out a whole lot of things. Your life could be changed!! Imagine that!! Who wants that? Then you might grow, think that you're better, share with somebody else, telling what might happen.

If we all go to one of the only two choices of places that I think a person will go after death, what you kept secret in this life won't mean a hill of beans. In one place, you'll be agonizing too much to care of any secrets or information you kept, and you will probably wish you had been less petty and more kind. The other place won't have secrets and the things you concerned yourself with in this world will be null and void, so that would have been a complete waste of your time. You might even get questioned by God, depending on what information you withheld and how important to Him it was, as to why you kept the information to yourself instead of sharing in the first place; He would want to know why you didn't share it in a place and during a time where it would have been more useful to the receiver; He might want to know why you chose to cheat them out of the opportunity for needful and good information for growth, etc. when He freely gives. Freely gives...what a concept.

Why not think of things you can "give" today without fear or apprehension for no really good reason. Share information about a sale you just discovered on something. Tell somebody about Jesus. Let somebody in on where you just bought that beautiful blouse you're wearing (because you've got taste girl!!) or those really cool trousers (guys). Give somebody a recipe and dare them to make it better than you can. Have a "who can cook the best blow-out" party and have yourselves a good time eating it all!! Tell somebody your favorite stores where you purchase things to decorate your house. Help them pick out stuff there that "almost" looks like yours, but is a little different, and help them coordinate to have their own unique look, although they got the great decorating ideas from you. Hey people, this can work out for everyone if you look at it right. Have a good day!!


downbrowncat said...

I am willing to share a recipe with you. Our neighbors when I was kid use to make this.

1 bag popped popcorn
1 stick butter
1/2 c. brown sugar
10 large marshmallows

melt butter and sugar in pan and then add marhmallows, keep the heat
fairly high, and keep stirring until everything is melted. Pour over popcorn and stir. Please give this ample time to cool, because this syrup gets really hot, and we don't want anyone burning their mouth off. This is sweet buttery goodness. If you like, you can toss in some nuts with the popcorn before you add the syrup.

Peculiar said...

Now this, sister, sounds really really good and gooey, just like I'd like it. Thank you for...SHARING!! Matter of fact, we should make a date and make this together for the kids and not care which one was yours or mine, or whatever and eat it until our hearts are content!!