Sunday, March 9, 2008



I thought I'd share with you today a parent's 10 Commandments of how not to be bothered by your children at inappropriate times and how to lay down the law for them concerning things in life. You can borrow these if you like. :)

1.) Thou shalt not bother a parent when a parent is on the phone (which is when the kids like to bother parents) or the consequence will be that you will be ignored at the very least and perhaps have the parent talk to you on the other end of another phone while you talk to your friends!!

2.) Thou shalt not beg a parent for money above and beyond what you've already gotten for allowance or have been given out of the goodness of the parent's heart. The consequence will be that you work off every penny you get or you will become the borrower, we're the lender, and you have to pay back with interest. (Is that Biblical?:))

3.) Thou shalt not ask a parent if you can do something with your friends at the last minute and in front of the friend (putting us on the spot). The consequence will be that the answer is an automatic "NO."

4.) Thou shalt not tell us that you need money for school or field trips, etc. the day of. The consequence will be that you don't get to go on the field trip, and you get to stay at the school with the other kids who did the same thing and clean the school building or do extra school work by the teacher left behind that didn't want to put up with you in the first place.

5.) Thou shalt not tell the parent that you need a whole month's worth of permission slips and other things signed NOW (that have been folded or balled up in your backpack), or you'll lose grade points or get in trouble with the teacher. The consequence is that you get in trouble with and deal with the consequences spelled out by your teacher.

6.) Thou shalt not think at every point that your agenda is more important than the parents' and commands immediate attention. The consequence: A statement like..."It's not and it doesn't!"

7.) Thou shalt not roll eyes, talk back, and huff and puff when a parent is correcting or advising you. The consequence will be that you'll be huffing and puffing from the "pop" that caused your eyes to be literally rolling across the floor as we talk back to you and tell you that you'd better not do either of these 3 things again.

8.) Thou shalt not ever think of using the emergency 911 numbers on the keypad because of the above consequences. If you do, the consequence for the 911 respondent will be that they'll have to take you home with them and put up with your eye rolling, huffing and puffing, and talking back.

9.) Thou shalt be grateful for this type of upbringing. The consequence: It will make you better. Sounds like it should doesn't it?

10.) Thou shalt understand that with all these rules, we STILL LOVE YOU!!


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