Friday, March 14, 2008


What's your idea of having just plain fun with family? I can think of lots of things. Here's some silly things we do, and while they seem simple or maybe even lame, I've never laughed so hard and/or had so much fun!!

The first thing that comes to mind are days when my family and I go to a store that sells sunglasses and we purposely try on ones that don't go with our face shape, don't fit our personalities, or that we know are completely outdated. We look in the provided mirror at ourselves and crack up!! We look around at each other and quickly give our opinions of what we look like (a fly, a 70's hippie, a chicken, or just plain "wrong!"), and we look at the stares from people passing by, not only looking at us in these weird sunglasses but are looking at us laugh and point at each other.

Another thing that my son likes to try is seeing if he can "one-up" himself by scaring his siblings and then telling my husband and I about it after the fact. What he does to them is so hilarious!! He told us of one time when he hid in his sisters' closet and waited for them to get something out of it. The oldest one reached in to hang something up, and my son silently just reached out and grabbed her hand tightly. She was so scared that she couldn't even scream right away. She looked like she had gone into shock. Her reaction was so late, that she, many seconds later, buried her face in her pillow and then screamed. By then, my son thought she was either never scared that bad or dead. He realized later that she was really scared SILENT!! She almost started crying. He was laughing so hard he couldn't even sympathize. He promised not to do it again for two reasons: one, it was so classic he knew he could never repeat this and get the same reaction again, and two, he thought he would give her a real heart attack next time. He has scared everyone in the house but the adults since then, but different. He never "strikes" the same.

On a whole different note, we like to go and smell freshly ground coffee in the stores, or freshly brewed. Don't you LOVE the smell of this stuff? Now, we don't just walk up to people and sniff their coffee while they're trying to grind it, we just like to be in a store where that goes on so that while we're shopping and looking around, we get the pleasure of smelling it. Just the other day, my husband found whole bean French Roast in a store that was selling it buy one get the other bag free (they were a few days from being outdated on the shelf) and wanted it ground right there in the store. We stood there and just drank the scent in while it was being ground. Even after we got home, and I transferred it to an airtight container, one of my daughters kept me from throwing the bag in the trash and saved it so that she could get up and sniff the bag the next morning. Yes, we're a PECULIAR family!! But we love it!!

I like the fact that even though we have teenagers, we all still like to go to the movies together. No, we don't all go in the same theater room all of the time (the older ones don't mind being seen with us in public, but they say sometimes our movie choices are lame), but we all go together. Sometimes we just have to wait for each other in the lobby area just a few minutes until the other ones' movie lets out. Last night though, we all saw the same one!! The kids liked our choice!! Hey, we take what we can get while we can get it from them. They only stay with us for so long (Thank God...just kidding!!). BTW, the $2.50 movie theater is a hit with our family. Great price, great movies!! Eventually the same films that are at the $8.00+ theater reaches this one, so we're in no hurry to see anything that we can't wait a few weeks or couple of months for and save BIG!!

Have fun with your family today, the weekend, and maybe during your family night next week. If you don't have family night, see if you can create one. Maybe I'll do a post later about great ideas for a Family Fun Night, from something simple to something far out and BIG.

Catch me tomorrow for Saturday Shopping and Savings Day!


downbrowncat said...

We did the dollar movie Wednesday, also when we were at the doctor's Monday, Heidi had to have an X-ray, and being that she is almost 16, let her go back by herself. I decided to wait in the hall for her to come out, and when she did, i grabbed her and yelled. Scared the mess out of her, but this could have backfired, because if I wasn't careful, then I may have scared someone on staff. And then Heidi would have been the one

Peculiar said...

That's still a crack up, what you did to Heidi. I love it when we catch the kids off guard because they always think that we're "slow" and they're "one-up" on us. My boy hasn't scared me yet, but I don't put anything past him!! The movie thing, it's such a great idea isn't it? Love it!!