Monday, March 10, 2008

MOMMY (Caregiver/Mentor) MONDAYS (#5)

Sharing a website I think you'll love and check in on regularly (

This is for anybody who cleans their home (or wants to) and wants to organize. This website will even help you organize the days you want to organize your house. I learned about it some years ago, but had forgotten about it. I stumbled across the website again today and thought I'd share it. It is really cute and incredibly helpful.

A quote from the FlyLady: "We give you the tools to help you get out of the CHAOS and find the peace and joy in your homes that you deserve."

This website has the FlyShop, a place where you can purchase some of the things talked about on the website, that will make your cleaning and organizing job easier. It even has tabs or words you can click on for tips, hints, and ideas if you're "FLYing with pre-schoolers, FLYing with homeschoolers, FLYing while pregnant, FLYing with a teenager, FLYing with a big family, etc.

I really encourage you to check this out today. Just looking over the article on "How FlyLady Uses Her Office-in-a-Bag" has me interested enough to crawl back over there. I've only read a little on this one, but I like what I see so far. I could use this idea on long road trips that we take. You can even do other "things-in-a-bag" that fit your lifestyle, hobbies, or needs.

Let's do this: If you guys have some clever organizing, cleaning, lifestyle management ideas, put them on comment under this post, so that all can see and share. I would love to have a listing of what you guys have done, so that I can try some of them out myself (although I don't need any cleaning and organizing ideas personally:) I'm almost losing control laughing at myself on that one). I know this will get one of my friends going with ideas to share. Her house is very organized and she likes doing different things in her home. I like going over to see what she's done new and next. Come on people, let's share:)

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