Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My peops are so smart! You did know after all, which brand names the FDA considered soap, by their definition. There was a 50% vote for Dial and a 50% vote for Ivory. Both are considered true soaps by the FDA's definition. The one that surprised me after I read the ingredients on the package was Tone. It would be considered a true soap too. I guess everyone knew that Dove (the moisturizing beauty bar) and Oil of Olay, which I'm sure feels great on the skin, (but that doesn't even sound like a "true" soap), would not factor in. They are "bars," not soaps. One day, I will tell you what ingredients a true soap has to have and why to be considered that. I'm sure that's not on the top of your priority or interest list of reading right now. You're probably asking yourself, what kind of time does this lady have on her hands and why does she know such trivial things (and 'who cares?'). I actually don't have a lot of time on my hands and the reason you get these things from me is because over the years, I've had my hands in doing a lot of things (apparently that I think are still interesting--now that ought to tell you what kind of person I am:)) and I also have a tendency (I guess you can call it that) to remember or retain interesting and apparently uninteresting little facts about stuff I read a long time ago; stuff that probably doesn't matter 90% of the time in our lives except that small 10% when somebody needs to know something out of the ordinary or unusual, and then here comes WEIRDO TO THE RESCUE. Oh well, if you're my friend, family member, or reader, you're weird right along with me:), or you think weird is okay:)! (or you just put up with me...whatever!)


Anonymous said...

When are we going to hear about the true soap stuff?

Peculiar said...


It's good to see that someone is interested in that kind of "trivial" stuff besides me:)! I will probably talk more about it on Thursday. Thank you for being interested and asking. I think people will actually be interested in the little tidbits of info. I have on the subject. Also, thanks for stopping by and reading:)