Wednesday, March 26, 2008


There is a post with a prize connected to it. We all like free stuff!! Admit it!! Some things in life are free,...well almost. You do have to do some work for it, but you don't have to spend any money!! Anyway, I wrote a post that discusses winning a prize if you make it to the end of the post (meaning if you really read the whole thing:)) The prize is for a LifeWay devotional or inspirational. No clues right now, so when you get time, READ, READ, READ. You might find some interesting stuff along the way. I will announce the winner next week, hmmm probably around, well, on or before Wednesday. That's enough information for now. Oh, BTW, the book is really neat (I bought an extra copy from LifeWay today!!) and it's one mentioned in my post today, Woman to Woman Wisdom, Inspiration for Real Life (the name of the book). I think you'll enjoy it (if you're a woman that is:)) If I find out one day that I have any male readers, we'll expand our give-away closet to be inclusive,:) so let us know guys, if you're lurking around out there. I have a natural tendency and bent toward ministering, writing for, helping, and giving to women, but most of my posts can be enjoyed and used by everyone.

At the end of the post in discussion here, the one with the prize, it will tell you what to do to win, so you will know when you've arrived at the right one. To be fair, it is a post written within the last two weeks. Although I'd like for you to have time to read all of my posts, I know that it would take an incredible amount of time to read and sift through all of them from the very beginning. Most of you would probably give up before you went through all of that. This is supposed to be fun, not wearisome:) Can't wait to see who wins!!

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