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I'll tell you a little story about one of my daughters and then I'll follow up with recipes of things you can concoct to relax as much as she likes to. Little Missy (we'll call her because of how she acts about certain things) thinks that you can't take a bath without milk and floating dried herbs or flowers. Well, she used to think that anyway. She's a little better at handling reality now that she's a little older. I guess I "messed her up" early on when I introduced her at age 2 1/2 or so to "milk baths." We didn't do just any old milk bath either; we're talking quality milk, honey, and herbs and flowers ("botanicals" as she might call them). Now Little Missy takes showers 99% of the time, but occasionally, she will ask me to get her a milk bath going or at least help her gather the ingredients so that she can take her own, and you guys, it's all I can do to pull this child out of the bathtub. Our hot water heater goes on overkill just trying to accomodate her constant need to re-warm and refresh the water. Needless to say, we don't encourage these baths that often anymore, not if we ever want to get into the upstairs bathroom anyway. Otherwise, on those rare occasions, we resolve to trek downstairs and use the other one. This might be my fault:). I love to create natural bath products, I introduced her to this world early on in her life, and these things are easy and usually inexpensive to make. Oh yeah, and I enjoy them on occasion too and I'm assuming she picked the enthusiasm up from me (you think?:) Anyhooty, since spring is coming you can get your creative juices flowing and make some cool stuff and...RELAX!!
First up, My Goat's Milk Bath recipe:
1 cup of powdered goat's milk (you can usually find it in your grocery store, but if you can't, go to a natural foods store or specialty grocery store)
1/2 cup epsom salts (if you're diabetic, you may not be able to use this milk bath because of the epsom salts. Check with your doctor.)
1 Tbs. of baking soda
1 tsp. of cornstarch
Essential oil of your choice. I like 5 drops of lavender and 4 drops of rose
Mix dry ingredients together, add essential oils, mix again, store in airtight container, use within 3 months, enjoy! Use 2-3 Tbs. or 1/4 cup directly in the bath or in a tea bag or tied cheesecloth. Play around with this recipe by using your choice of dried botanicals. It's pretty floating around in the tub, and it's fragrant. We like to throw in dried lavender blossoms and rose petals.
Next up, body powder--when it gets hot and you sweat, stay cool and keep moisture absorbed with this great mix:
For medium fine- 1/4 cup arrowroot powder
1/4 cup cornstarch
3 Tbs. rice flour (leave out if you want fine powder)
Essential oils of your choice. I like 6 drops of rose, 4 jasmine, 3 violet, and
3 pikaki (the only artificial fragrance I use)
Run thru a sifter, store in a pretty, airtight container (up to 2 years). Use a powder puff to apply. If you'd like to use this on your boys, just change the essential oil scents. For a baby, leave out essential oils, especially if you're not sure if this will irritate baby's skin.
Try this cooling and refreshing foot spray:
1/2 cup of distilled water
1/2 cup of liquid witch hazel (you can find this on the shelf next to or near the alcohol and peroxide at the store--Wal-Mart, whatever)
4 drops of tea tree oil
4 drops of peppermint
blend well and store in a spray bottle. Shake well before using each time. This can be a coolant and a deodorizer. This can last for the whole summer and after. Another alternative is to use 4-6 drops of eucalyptus oil only (no other essential oils). My family really liked this cooling spray.
I'll share more recipes with you another time. Your essential oils will last you a long time. I use pure essential oils instead of the fragrance oils, but it's your choice. Once you make the investment, you will get your money's worth because you only have to use a few drops at a time. The other ingredients listed above are pretty inexpensive too. Use these recipes for home and for family and friend gifts. If you find cute jars and containers, and find the right ribbon, twine, etc., throw on a cute homemade tag, you've got yourself a pretty neat gift to give. The recipient will be quite happy. Have a fun Friday!

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